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The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Overview trailer Nintendo Switch


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Who has played the new Zelda game for Switch? Still don't have a Switch but itching too thanks to this game. Games

0 October 9, 2019

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I may wait for the Switch Pro rumored to release in 2020. By then we may get more news on Ace Attorney switch; the only switch game I'm waiting for.

Reply October 18, 2019

I played a little bit of it, only completed the first dungeon so far. It's good. The best improvement is some items have their own dedicated button assignment, because you know, the GameBoy only had 2 buttons and it was hella annoying having to pause the game and equip a certain item to use in certain situations and stuff. I kind of stopped playing. I dunno, I already played the DX version, like I already know what happens and everything. The price of the game should be lower though.

Reply October 15, 2019

link? i love that boy. good boy. lovely boy. can't play though, bc i don't have a switch....

Reply October 14, 2019