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Illustration, Interview, Art, DaisukeIshiwatari, AcidBlackCherry Illustration, Interview, Art, DaisukeIshiwatari, AcidBlackCherry
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Helpingly: Wow that art is gorgeous :o
WatchGintama, Longer, Sketch, Syntax, Mini WatchGintama, Longer, Sketch, Syntax, Mini
@WatchGintama had some great ideas about enabling longer-form articles / reviews on here. I know a few of you have also mentioned it'd be nice to embed images to show a progression of how you get from a sketch to a finished image (for example). It's also a neat way to write a mini review or link to multiple videos in a more casual way. ... more
Finji, Games, Indie, Tunic, PS4 TUNIC Announcement - E3 2017 - Youtube
random87: 2018 huh? any clue when exactly?I haven't been into games that much lately, but somehow I can't wait to play this :O
captain: @random87: not sure yet. I'm trying to see if I can arrange an interview with the developer, so stay tuned. Let me know if you have any questions in particular you'd like answered.
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2 4 BZL Dev Team
DeeMon: Yes, what both of y'all says. I had to delete my Paladin story thing because I typed 31st instead of 32nd. I'm surprised that I lost count of my own characters... Embarrassing, dood.
Kaneki: an easier way to delete old posts,, i always end up typing something and regretting it (a lot) later rip
KorokMask, WildDLC, Uncool, Games, Zelda Nintendo details the first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Official Site - Nintendo.com
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tabs: I haven't played BotW since I got Puyo Puto Tetris. Too busy learning how to chain in Puyo Puyo. I like to think that I'm alright in Tetris. I can pull off combos and t-spins consistently; I'm trying to get faster at the B2B t-spin triples set up.
captain: @hawtnoodle: it's that good? :[email protected]:I presume you mean Puyo Puyo not Puyo PuTo :D Haven't heard that name for about... *gulp* 20 years almost. How is it?
Layout, Watching, Browser, Cleaner, Playing Layout, Watching, Browser, Cleaner, Playing
layout has been updated! I thought I'd explain my reasons for doing so. ... more
6 2 BZL Dev Team
benevolentia: What is the difference besides content now seeming to have a max-width & my navigation side-bar being stuck to it? I mean, I can sort of see something has changed, but I struggle to pin-point exactly what without a side-by-side comparison HAHA.
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