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cross my heart and hope to die
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Overwatch, Terraria
my friend mentioned that my character in terraria looks like mercy from overwatch. and i agree,,
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aaaaa it's been too long. but i finally finished i think
makiyumi: The anatomy is near almost good but try working on perspective a bit more~
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with lamb shish kebobs!
Kaneki: @makiyumi i literally traced myself in the mirror lol. anatomy should be on point.
Curtis, Idk
unappreciated things in life that bothers me : the fact that no one really talks about curtis or yancy?? i rlly like curtis ok. idk what yancy's like bc i didn't ever choose to play as a male, but like,,, she's super cute??
Kaneki: another thing i really like about them : THEM TRYING TO HIDE THEIR IDENTITY WHEN IT'S PAINFULLY OBVIOUS WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY WORK AS,, i kinda want to play b/w2 again just to chat w/ yancy
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