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cross my heart and hope to die
i wish there was a way to easily delete all of the unwanted posts ;_;
blazi4ever: You're not the only one, that's me and Facebook when I want to clean up stuff including all of the silly liked pages I did about a decade ago. WhydidIdothistomyself :')
Helpingly: @blazi4ever: SAME! I hate going on Facebook to see all the cringeworthy things I used to like.
FriedClams: Wanting a way to delete unwanted posts is the perfect reason to get a dozen raw littleneck clams with your choice of sauce!
still waiting for the day when i'll be able to draw well,,,,
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zigen: dude, same
itsrealtea: https://twitter.com/shenanigansen/status/804670612908179456/photo/1
Helpingly: You draw better than I do... but that's not saying much.
Togedemaru, HASNOT, PLAYED
me : i rlly like pokemon!!
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syrup: Good example of a foxdograbbit. Blushing.
Helpingly: Oh man I haven't been shiny hunting in a while. I need more shinies :c
blazi4ever: This is so cute! *o*After beating the game (which took me several months since I slacked off a lot), I've been doing nothing but mining and farming beans + berries everyday lolol. I personally find grinding for levels pretty slow orz;
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i keep,,,procrastinating,,,, LILY IS STREAMING AGAIN AND I JUST- ideas;;
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FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with brie cheese with crackers!
captain: fun, simple.
Lilypichu, Fanart, Drew
lilypichu streamed earlier today and made an OC from viewer's suggestions. so i drew fanart of her child. her name is chatty.
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HawtNoodle: I wanted to do something like this with my friends where each person gives a piece of clothing, hair style, etc and I would draw the character...but it never happened.
Raginroxas: How long would it even take to get hair dyed that color?
FriedClams: Great drawing! Celebrate with winter melon soup!
found out discord themes are also a thing... so i downloaded one by a person called 'den' !!! it's a cyan firewatch theme :'^)
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Kaneki: here's the dl !!! https://betterdiscord.net/ghdl?id=20you need betterdiscord to input the theme
qukne: oh damn that's super pretty :0
Games, Anime, Streams, TV, Manga, Comics, Fun
my steam is pretty now :^)
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Helpingly: Wow you've really been going ham with all of your personalizing lol
there are some people who are just so nice that i just,,,, bRRrr. shivers. it's a good thing though. kind people are my fav!!!!
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Kaneki: i have this one friend, who i can swear came down from heaven just to befriend humans, who sends the cuTEST MESSAGES and she's awesome and god bless her existence?? and i have another friend who messages me every once in a while because i'm TERRIBLE at starting conversations,, hhha. but she's also super cool??also an amazing artist?????? what did i do to deserve these friends all i do is send memes to people and hope they share the same sense of humor
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