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makiyumi: Praise craving isn't a bad thing at all, but it isn't a good thing to always have when sugar coating is obvious or not. What I find more offensive than blind criticism is sugar coating when it's highly obvious you know you're not improving.. Constant praise for non-quality effort leads to arrogance, and just the really bad and nasty sides of a human.. If you don't notice these behaviors soon, you'll sooner realize it, and it'll hit you, hard.Try thinking in a different mindsetI, for one, want to strive for greatness, not for praise, but for having a colorful portfolio to show my recruiter when I want to become an independent animator one day when i'm older.Every one thinks differently, I know, it isn't much of a confusing subject either. There's a reason why you get praised that much, and that's because of the efforts you put into your work and originality. Keep practicing dude, Rome wasn't built in a day y'know.
Gengar: I think the biggest problem with criticism is that people misuse what it actually is. People treat it as a way to attack someone when in reality it's just "hey this was great but I also think you should work better on this" not "hey this clearly looks like x or this is obviously your first art piece". REAL criticism shouldn't make you feel like dirt, and if it does, they aren't doing it right.
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