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cross my heart and hope to die
Tbh Tbh
i actually liked this piece bc it had nice soft colors. tbh the only thing i really doN'T like is the top.
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syrup: I really like this style. It's more casual, but still clearly good bit of work gone into it with the various shading efforts and the things you did with the hair sparkles / etc. There's a place for super polished stuff and more casual fun stuff too!
FriedClams: Great drawing! Celebrate with roast pork buns!
i got one of those old lady hairpin things and i can't wait to learn how to use it right so i can look even more asian B^)
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HawtNoodle: That's pretty cool.
syrup: For a sec I thought you were going to say one of these visors - http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/08/20/article-0-1B6038EB000005DC-114_634x476.jpg
Bought, Abt
i bought these pencils w/ colored lead and im super happy abt them because it's super pretty and i lOVE IT even though they were $10
Helpingly: ... I might be wrong but aren't those just colored pencils? o.o
Kaneki: @Helpingly they can be considered colored pencils, but they're much easier to sketch with!! it's not as hard, since it writes about the same as a regular pencil, as with a colored pencil, it's much harder to attain thin and quick lines.
BAKURA, Mokuba, KAIBA, Manga, JOEY
currently reading the yu-gi-oh manga because i didn't know it existed until now :^) i want to draw yugi or y*mi/a*em,, OR EVEN KAIBA. or even mokuba. or even JOEY. OR BAKURA. OR-
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Kaneki: also is yugi's grandpa named after king solomon or somethin now that i think about it, a lot of characters in YGO had whack hair boy howdy, i should rewatch the abridged series. i still remember bits and pieces. like the whole thing about america. and one of kaiba's people just talking about his hair. and mokuba liking spongebob i think. o and my favorite, "screw the rules i have money" i looked up "YGO characters" on google and i reMEMBERED THAT YGO GX EXISTED ASJDNAKS oh my god and that one crossover w/ gx and orig YGO. that threw me off so much. and kuriboh (i think that's how it was spelled) had a small role too. and wow. wow. i remember having YGO cards, too ??? but the only one i remember clearly is the red eyes zombie dragon. because the card was super shiny and the art was really cool I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT RYUJI. apparently he wasn't important enough to me when i still watched the series because i honestly do not remember anything abt him. fun fact : i still think marik is a precious lil son. he didn't deserve all th@ i think i watched up till zexel (but skipped 5d's bc i didn't really like it. i just played the game i think) and then stopped because astral would freak me out. i don't really know why, but i think it might've been because he was basically a floating naked spirit thing believe in the heart of the cards xd!!! and also friendship. and magic markers that glow also, in the manga,,,,, does y*mi kiLL SOME PEOPLE????? is that why he's called dark yugi?????
Rainbow, Gotta Rainbow, Gotta
rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go gotta follow my rainbow
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FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with the boba tea flavor of your choice!
Watching, Anime, Subaru Watching, Anime, Subaru
watching Anime i really, really hate subaru )))))
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Helpingly: The show isn't bad, but I personally had a lot of problems with it. I didn't like the Subaru (everytime I heard the name I just imagined beautiful blue Imprezas), and I especially hated Emilia. It wasn't the worst show in the world, but I certainly don't get why people love it so much.
HawtNoodle: I don't understand what happened when Subaru went nuts all of the sudden, there was pretty much no reason for it.
Keeper Keeper
you know, i should draw my OC's more often. no one probably knows who they are. so here's one of them. he's a keeper. as in, not a scrapped oc. to this day i still don't have a name for him :^(
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RedEyed: whats an OC
Kaneki: @RedEyed original character, own character !!!
i wish there was a way to easily delete all of the unwanted posts ;_;
Helpingly: @blazi4ever: SAME! I hate going on Facebook to see all the cringeworthy things I used to like.
FriedClams: Wanting a way to delete unwanted posts is the perfect reason to get a dozen raw littleneck clams with your choice of sauce!
still waiting for the day when i'll be able to draw well,,,,
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itsrealtea: https://twitter.com/shenanigansen/status/804670612908179456/photo/1
Helpingly: You draw better than I do... but that's not saying much.
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