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Coined the term TOSters and Periaboos. Also a weeb.
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Why is this a thing? This looks terrible...
syrup: uhhh... what?
WatchGintama: @itsrealtea Xiaolin Showdown was good. This looks like a lame 3D CGI show with bad jokes. The trailer was lame and the character designs look boringThe Shen Gong Wu were fun but here they just throw fruit... That ain't a Fist of Tebigong
FriedClams: Fruit is delicious and nutritious!
Coupon, Game
Skulls is on sale for $1.50 + extra 5% off with coupon "easter5". A nice fighting game with good art and an in-dept fighting game tutorial. I still can't believe its that cheap
Bundle Stars: Skullgirls - Bundle stars
3 3
Raginroxas: What a steal! If you haven't picked it up, I highly recommend it!
itsrealtea: Cool, Ill take a look at it.
joblessjim: Skull girls is a very solid game. Can vouch 100% on that.
Deserts, Food, Azuki, Mochi
Green tea shave ice with ice cream, condensed milk, mochi, and azuki beans food deserts
5 5
benevolentia: This looks AMAZING!! 😍 Did it taste good?
Rtyu: looks suspiciousshall i confiscate for thorough examination?
WatchGintama: It was good
Brawl, Clans, Clash, P2W
Brawl of Ages is a PC version of Clash of Clans without the P2W. Sounds good to me
Brawl Of Ages Is Another Clash Royale-Esque PC Game - MMOs.com - Mmos.com
1 2
FriedClams: I always wanted to try Clash of Clans but did not want to pay to win. This looks good to me too! Let's celebrate with a baked potato with our respective choice of toppings!
WatchGintama: @FriedClams Sorry this is more like Clash Royale than Clash of Clans. Both are from the same company but Clash Royale is more card battle/tower defense than real time strategy.Still worth a play though.
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