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DeeMon: I also forgot Chrom was in this game too. Well, it's not really Chrom, more of a mirage of him: these are my awards so far, and what play records and awards are: think I need to unlock 7 more play records and 4 more awards.
syrup: oh man, I'm so glad you did that and not me. I live vicariously through you DeeMon! :)
MapleStory, PaperMario, Nintendo, Playing, WiiU MapleStory, PaperMario, Nintendo, Playing, WiiU
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DeeMon: This is my progess of Color Splash so far: I'm guessing I have to paint the whole map. The yellow flags means the level has had its color restored.Here's another weird humor in the game: Seriously, age rating, dood?
Gengar: I lost it at "Kinesis the Hedgehog"
Nintendo, Playing, Fail, WiiU, NintendoSwitch Nintendo, Playing, Fail, WiiU, NintendoSwitch
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captain: oh, I misunderstood what I was seeing in the picture. That's the actual battery you're showing us. I thought you were saying the whole gamepad is bust, but just the battery. But seriously - 385 hours tho! That's over 16 days!! Nice job.
DeeMon: $30.50 for a standard battery pack replacement, $64.40 for the high capacity one...Nintendo, I love y'all, but this is just too expensive, dood. I'd rather just buy another game.I think I'm about 392 hours in now. I've been grinding for affinity points for characters via support missions so I can complete their heart to heart conversations which completes segments on the FrontierNav so I can survey as much of Mira as I can.
MapleStory, Playing, XCX, Bosser, Hyrule MapleStory, Playing, XCX, Bosser, Hyrule
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DeeMon: @random87 Probably going to take many breaks from the game, not that I will quit playing, just not as much since I won't ever have to level up again. I'll finally buy a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, to celebrate my freedom of course. Maybe buy some more games on Steam, I don't really use Steam at all, but I should start on that soon, there are some games that I want to buy.I'm not really sure, most of my characters were already around level 170, so I only had to gain 30 levels on them. The thing that inspired me to get to at least 170 was the hyper attacks. I dunno, I just kill stuff for like 1 or 2 hours and usually gain 2-5 levels a day. The only boss I do is Normal Horntail, and sometimes I use EXP coupons and hopefully a rune. I use tradable equipment with at least 6% stat potentials so I wouldn't have to waste too much time trying to get all this cRA, Gollux and Tyrant stuff. And nexon did lower the exp needed to reach Vth job, so it's much easier than before. All I can say is, just keep killing stuff in your free time. Maybe listen to music or something.
captain: crikies, congrats!
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