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PokemonSun, Guardians, TapuKoko, TheAlola, Scanner
The Alola Island Guardians from Pokemon Sun and Moon in Sakura Gelly Roll pens, drew this up about a month ago.
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FriedClams: Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with animal crackers!
HawtNoodle: I like the black background, it really goes well with the flashy colors :)
captain: Interesting style, good to see something fresh like this.
Making, Art, SpiderGirl
Spider Girl (sketch)
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RedEyed: looks good waiting for colored version
Raginroxas: Monstergirls Are bae!
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with pan seared seabass with a cauliflower puree!
do you ever just like do something really embarrassing and you just try to play it cool like hHAHha i totally meant to say/do that! nothing weird,,
Kaneki: not only does that happen offline, it happens online too and i,,,,, w h y AND THEN I END UP MAKING THE OTHER PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE AND I SWEAR I DON'T EVER MEAN TO DO THAT BUT IT JUST HAPPENS because i'm just that awkward and i don't have the confidence to correct myself,,, i wonder if this is why i don't have many friends and prefer to stick with the people who already know i'm like a turtle i'm suddenly getting flashbacks to the stuff i used to say online and,, i just can' T. I JUST REALIZED MY INSTAGRAM POSTS ARE,, LINKED? TO MY BZL!! AND ommymgodn ndnsdnnsndn i'msorry i'm tired i'll go to sleep because i am a good child
Liking the look of this game - Hidden Folks for PC!
Review: Hidden Folks - Hardcoregamer
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HawtNoodle: Oh man, it reminds me of a book I had as a kid, it had some VERY busy drawings filled to the brim with people and stuff and on the side there were a few things you had to find within the drawing. So much fun.
captain: @HawtNoodle - where's Waldo? :)
HawtNoodle: @captain nah but you could compare it with that, it was some bear in a raincoat I believe.
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