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Typhoon, Roblox, Excel, Gonna, F15s

Typhoon, Roblox, Excel, Gonna, F15s

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syrup avatar Cool. But this gets pretty meta. Designing / programming within a game kind of blows me away. A few iterations (ie many years) ahead I foresee the ability to describe a desired effect, to a program, w
Privatereck, Scania, Abyss, Bucc, V188

[v188] GMS Buccaneer in Deathless CRA run - Youtube

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LittleTLK avatar I can just BARELY do no-split cpierre on my bam. I have to wait around until he goes blue and I'm red, then bind him with erda nova. Only around 3-5 seconds to spare. Bucc looks so fun to boss on
FriedClams avatar Congratulations! Celebrate with chicken in black bean sauce!
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