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MapleStory, Nintendo, Playing, XCX, FireEmblemEchoes MapleStory, Nintendo, Playing, XCX, FireEmblemEchoes
Blaster. 34th. 7850 total levels. The ign is just DarkBlaster in Japanese. Yeah, I have no idea.
DeeMon: Survey Rate of Mira: playtime (and the ladies. I'm sorry! I can't make Hope wear anything revealing! She's an angel damn you! NO!) : (I don't know, but I really like her. She's obsessed with Skells. I'd hang out with her for sure, dood. So hot! Damn!) :
MapleStory, Spreadsheet, Hayato, Crit, Dat MapleStory, Spreadsheet, Hayato, Crit, Dat
3 2
DeeMon: Pretty cool stuff, dood. This is what mine looks like: Star Force from Ghost Ship Badge & Krexel Shoulder thing because all my characters should have them by now.150 more levels for 5 more attackers, dood.
captain: Hey, good to see you back! This looks pretty intense. Thanks for sharing.
Played, Grown, Alas, Mana, SNES Watch People Break Classic RPGs
Having grown up on NES / SNES, there's a soft spot in my heart for classic RPG's like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, etc etc. Strangely though, I never played Earthbound, which people are still raving about. But alas, it's fun to watch these streams of people doing speed runs of these classics.
ThunderBreaker, Stats, 133k, 524m ThunderBreaker, Stats, 133k, 524m
Day 53, reached 133k stats with 524m range as a Thunder Breaker! Just a few thousand more stats & i'll be able to cap & carry for boss runs daily. Currently hitting 8-10b on bosses & cap damage on mobs
3 4
Essence: @privateereck Hmm, well I can't be thorough with the att spd stacking but I think how it works here is stacking consecutively. Did not see much change tbh, I feel as if it's limited to 6-7 att spd since 1 att spd is gained every 20 mastery levels. As TB having Speed Infusion than 5th job's since they do not stack, I'm probably maxed out the limit? @captain
captain: ahh ok, did not make the connection with this being on the PS you're on. :)
Nintendo, Playing, Fail, WiiU, NintendoSwitch Nintendo, Playing, Fail, WiiU, NintendoSwitch
I screwed up this Wii U GamePad's battery pack, it's starting to bulge. I left the thing plugged in for months, or maybe even a year, I dunno. I got extremely annoyed by the short duration that it lasts for on a full charge, always having the plug the damn thing in, being restricted by a wire connected to a power socket on the wall. Now it only lasts for 2 minutes max!
2 4
captain: oh, I misunderstood what I was seeing in the picture. That's the actual battery you're showing us. I thought you were saying the whole gamepad is bust, but just the battery. But seriously - 385 hours tho! That's over 16 days!! Nice job.
DeeMon: $30.50 for a standard battery pack replacement, $64.40 for the high capacity one...Nintendo, I love y'all, but this is just too expensive, dood. I'd rather just buy another game.I think I'm about 392 hours in now. I've been grinding for affinity points for characters via support missions so I can complete their heart to heart conversations which completes segments on the FrontierNav so I can survey as much of Mira as I can.
Tbh Tbh
i actually liked this piece bc it had nice soft colors. tbh the only thing i really doN'T like is the top.
8 4
syrup: I really like this style. It's more casual, but still clearly good bit of work gone into it with the various shading efforts and the things you did with the hair sparkles / etc. There's a place for super polished stuff and more casual fun stuff too!
FriedClams: Great drawing! Celebrate with roast pork buns!
Hello, I actually have access to this BZL account that I had no idea existed. I will be more active here.. maybe.. no promises. I have no idea what many things here do.
2 6
Helpingly: @random87: I am offended by the fact that you don't think I am interested in your little aquarium! :O (jk i luv u)
FriedClams: Welcome! Enjoy the tri tip steak!
Ifrit Ifrit
Warrior Pride soloing Ifrit HM
3 2
Raginroxas: Warrior are pretty goodddddd. Lets see what they do with them for StormBlood.
captain: What's going on here exactly? I see loads of flames on a hellish moonscape. Is this an in-game Burning Man LARP?
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