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Nintendo, Robot, NintendoSwitch, Games, Indie
I'm not at all into fighting games, but the look of Pocket Rumble for the Nintendo Switch makes me want to get a Switch cuz it looks like there will be a good amount of indie content. Who here's looking to get one?
Pocket Rumble Switch Trailer - Youtube
captain: mmm... Zelda looks REALLY fun, but I probably won't until/unless they do a Metroid game. Or until things calm down and I can actually get one without having to call all the shops in town and/or queue up in line! :D
Making, MapleStory, Wristwatch, Watches, Binder
I made this weird thing after replacing the battery ($7 for a battery cell!?) of an old wristwatch my Dad gave me for my birthday, it lost its rubber wrist band thingy. I just took part of a binder clip ($2 for 10) that opens the thing and stuck it on the bottom of the watch thing, whatever that bar thing that holds the rubber wrist band thing... IT'S TOO HARD TO EXPLAIN! I can play MapleStory, check the time, and stare at waifu all at once now!
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I love Strawberries as my favorite fruit ! Especially when its mid-winter, the time for good ripe/sweet berries !
FriedClams: I like strawberries but gave up on getting them because they always come in a plastic container where the ones I cannot see are bruised.
Gengar: Blueberries>Strawberries
Raginroxas: Nectarines are my favorite fruit. Strawberries are pretty good too.
Games, Anime, Streams, TV, Manga, Comics, Fun
ordered one of these !!! there was a male version too but that would mean extra $$
4 3
Gengar: that anime chest tho
Basura: wee draw lots with it
FriedClams: Enjoy your purchase with a Philly cheesesteak!
Making, Art, Spider
Spider Monster Girl (finished)
8 6
Basura: nice legs girl :)
syrup: thumbsed up 10 times... but only one registered... :/
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with tuna tartar with an avocado cream!
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