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Ifrit Ifrit
Warrior Pride soloing Ifrit HM
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Raginroxas: Warrior are pretty goodddddd. Lets see what they do with them for StormBlood.
FirTrees, Ofcourse, Gonna, Sidus, Game FirTrees, Ofcourse, Gonna, Sidus, Game
Ok, so I got my Gathering-Skill on my Mule to level 10. It took me 4+ hours from nothing. Now, I am out of Dilligence, I gonna have to wait for it to recover! So leave that for tomorrow! Now, I need to start cutting Banyan and Fir Trees. I already unlocked their Identification on my Book via the 2nd-Chapter.
ArgentiniumOres, LifeSkill, AntWoods, Africa ArgentiniumOres, LifeSkill, AntWoods, Africa
Darkfall(the huge-dark-forest that never see light, west of Amanita-Hamlet-forest) is a very good place to level your Gathering-Profession. It is rich in Argentinium Ores and Ant Woods, very abundant, like South Africa when it comes to Gold. Trust me, it's better here than other places! Here is hard to get through, thus, have less competition for resources, and it is abundant enough that you don't have to worry about spawning. , ,
EternalMemory: Run out of things to do? You'll never! Kill those Spiders for Silk and kill those Monkeys for Course Cotton. Whatever time you put in this forest, you will either bag resources, or money should you decide to sell them, and experience.
Illustration, Making, Art, Longer, Took Illustration, Making, Art, Longer, Took
It took a bit longer than expected, it has been SO hot this week...
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syrup: So good! What an incredible amount of work. Love all the shading and level of detail around the boots and buckles. Great emotion under the hair / forehead. Really nice work!
HawtNoodle: Thanks guys :)
WeekendPlans, Goes
WeekendPlans? I'm going to be looking for some new TV shows to watch as Designated Survivor is finishing up for the season. Lots of other great shows have just finished up - Girls, Homeland... the list goes on.
syrup: @Helpingly: if you can handle Kiefer's grating voice then yeah, I personally would recommend it. I just finished the season, which at 21 episodes I thought was alot, but it never felt boring. Quite an engaging show, I liked the mix of politics and drama. Reminds me a bit of Quantico in some way but less contrived.@FriedClams: no flavor is the best flavor! Just some salt. @DeeMon: oh cool, what do you play on the 'brew? Xeno looks stunning!! Why you playing it so long? To 100%?
DeeMon: @syrup I'm not sure what I want to do with homebrew thing yet. I did try running a couple of GBA emulators and, it wasn't good. It's really slow compared to the PSP. Oh well, the PSP needs some love too every once in a while.For Xenoblade Chronicles X, I've been trying to get all of the recruitable characters, and I did. This Mia character took a very, very, extremely long time to recruit. It was absolute hell, a bunch of chain quests and stuff. I don't think I'll ever 100% this game, but I am a couple achievements away from 600/749. I think 600 is good enough, then I'll play something else (finally).
Timer, Bucc, Solo
I'm trying to consider my options to solo Chaos Queen as a Bucc. I do have enough range to kill within the timer, BUT I will have to worry about the DOT. I can't tank the breath (yet)
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syrup: What's DOT? Good reward for Chaos Queen or just for fun / achievement?
privateereck: @syrup Damage over time from breath. As the V update changed the status resist meta, you can no longer ignore that. I have yet to see any bucc solo (with a non uber high range) that works around the DoT and breath.
Making, Art, Stuffz, Thingy Making, Art, Stuffz, Thingy
New avatar thingy i made for all the social media stuffz i use
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Episode: Nice expression :P
syrup: Hey, why you no share more often? This is super. Really solid lines. Deceptively simple but very clean. I like it!
Games, Anime, Streams, TV, Manga, Comics, Fun
Snapped a little picture of my little shrimp last week.
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syrup: @random87: best to treat them all as Jeff lest they think you're playing favorites!
Duzz: you sure that isnt just a ballpoint pen?nah jk its actually cute
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