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Maplestory, Bucc, Semi, 2nd, 5th I love Bucc's Lord of the Deep skill - Youtube
maplestory This 2nd 5th job bucc skill is so OP. Time to semi afk train ... more
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random87: Is this the real way you train now? :OSeems so boring
privateereck: @random87 I just got on, opened nodes, got it, and did half baked video. It does help a bunch when trying to get high combos. I need to test this on bosses
Nintendo, Playing, TMSFE, WiiU, PaperMario Nintendo, Playing, T MSFE, WiiU, PaperMario
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DeeMon: I also forgot Chrom was in this game too. Well, it's not really Chrom, more of a mirage of him: these are my awards so far, and what play records and awards are: think I need to unlock 7 more play records and 4 more awards.
syrup: oh man, I'm so glad you did that and not me. I live vicariously through you DeeMon! :)
Laptop, Gpd, GPDPocket, 7inch Laptop, Gpd, G PDPocket, 7inch
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syrup: Wah, cool, LOVE the gamepad! Takes me back. How's the GPD? Would love to hear your review on it when you get a chance. I'm particularly curious how it sounds (fan) and feels (heat) and how the lag is? And from a friend to another friend - your G710+ should make friends with a Swiffer duster!! :D :D
WatchGintama: I will give my first impressions: Build quality feels premium since it's all metal. It runs a bit warm when playing games, not otherwise for casual browsing. Lag isn't noticeable. Speakers aren't good. Battery life is about 4 hours but that's to be expected on a small device. You can't hear the fan.
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syrup: (1) Step away! You can't force it. If it's not there, it's not there. Unless of course you've already stepped away. In which case (2) just paint ANYTHING. Literally dollop any paint and just splatter away. Something will arise from the void. And if it doesn't, repeat step (1) and then step (2).
random87: @Syrup Thanks for the tips.I just painted the entire thing black, and I'll come back to it later.I do sort of have an idea though, I'm just unsure how to execute it.
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