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joined a static for raids and ex trials < didnt finish pld yet need to get to 60 on my war asap
EternalMemory: Guess what, Stormblood just came-out, so you have more Classes to die-for and get to level 60. Not only that, you will need to Gear for that specific-Class for i-Level. All the good MMOs are hard and time-consuming for end-game, trust me. This is a game after all! I just don't understand the mentality of some people who wants the best of everything without working for it.In Aion, you have to grind for half a year to Gear-up just for an RNG-chance! I have tried a lot of other MMOs and they are the same. Black Desert is also the same-thing. You just got to find the game that suits you, settle in it, work in it(make sure the game is not Pay-to-Win that your work towards the game is meaningless), and enjoy it. Revelation Online for example, you know how much work I need to do in that game for my Main alone that I cannot have time to touch a Mule? It is almost the same work that you are doing! Well, I am a Semi-Hardcore myself, it depends on what you want from the game and what you can put in it. Certainly, if it's personal-standards we are talking about, it doesn't take "hardcoring" or "no-lifing" a game to enjoy it, no matter how hard or time-consuming the game is made-for, it just have to offer enough features and ambience for the Casuals in which we have in Revelation Online. What game is easy right now? Nothing! Unless you are willing to buy and Pay-to-Win the whole-thing as I have experienced with Maplestory. If this is the game for you, then dedicate in it! Never dedicate in a game that you are unsure-of.
National, Chowder, Cream, Clam, Day
Cream or Chowder !
FriedClams: In San Francisco, I saw clam chowder food carts that offered the chowder in a bread bowl!
Raginroxas: That looks soooo good!
MapleStory, Playing, Bayonetta, Revamp, Scania
I'm Batman, dood. 24th. My ign is suppose to mean Dark Spear or something, I don't know, was probably playing Bayonetta at the time. I guess I should also mention the total level of all my characters in Scania on this one account, 7569 levels. It's going to matter with the character card revamp thing. I'm going to try to aim for 8000 levels.
2 2
EricBB: Gratz!! Dark Knight Power!
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with rum raisin ice cream!
so i forgot that like BZL shows my instagram posts and wow i am so sorry yall had to see this
EricBB: lol why does bzl show ur ig posts :O! and ur ig are memes : 0
Kaneki: @EricBB idk :'^( and yeah LOL I RUN A MEME PAGE OOPS
Jack: I know, I just noticed that! I was like.. well I guess everyone gets to know what I look like now LOL
Food, Gyro
Today is the perfect day to enjoy a gyro! food
Helpingly: My resident dining hall ruined Gyros for me.. but then again, they ruined everything for me. :c
FriedClams: @Helpingly I'm sorry to hear that. Cheer yourself up with wonton noodle soup!
Helpingly: @FriedClams I would if they had any of that stuff on campus. Gotta go pretty far if I want some good Wonton Noodle Soup :c
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