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At its core, Practice Tool is a place where you can train your mechanics. It’s the training gym where you can go to brush up on your Lv1 last hitting, that early jungle gank route or your Riven mechanics. A simple, straight forward, single-player environment that lets you test out things like checking wall flash points or if you can solo dragon with a certain item build, without wasting hours in Custom Games. As League gains more and more similarities to a sport, it makes sense that there be a place where you can go to shoot hoops! Read More:

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In Muay Thai, League, and life - you have to fight to win. Especially when there’s a championship on the line. Tanet “Jacky” Puangngoen is a Muay Thai boxer and League of Legends player with over 3,000 games as Darius. FIGHT follows Jacky’s journey as he competes in the Hong Kong Muay Thai Championship. Music Credits Original Score by Brian Cachia www.briancachiamusic.com "Superhuman" by Campfire Written and produced by by Shane Eli and Jon Pakfar "Ain't Afraid of Nothing" by Campfire Written and produced by by Shane Eli and Jon Pakfar On Spotify: On iTunes: "Holding You" Written by Dan Petty and Doug Petty Courtesy of Killer Tracks "Man on the Run" by Campfire Written and produced by by Shane Eli and Jon Pakfar â

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Relive the drama of the 2016 World Championship through the eyes of four of the world’s best pros. For Smeb and ROX tigers a fabled match-up with arch rival SKT does not go as planned and proves to be one of the last times that the Tigers compete together. While these titans battle for a chance at Worlds glory, EDG faces unexpected challenges in groups and Revolta comes face to face in competition with his Idol, Clearlove. Finally, Chawy realizes his dream of playing on the Worlds Stage. Music Credits: “Trailblazing” by Steve Jablonsky “Nostalgic Piano Prelude” by ATTLAS “Chinatown” by Starcadian “Demo” by Kraddy “Walking Heavy” by Oliver Winters “Maestro” by Enz

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