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Mystic Cave Classic Sonic Generations Remix


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Terrifying tunes, dood. Uh, I'm tired of alternating capital and lower case letters. This is a classic, dood. What the frig with all these Inspector Gadget comments.

I tried to make Alexa (Xenoblade X) in Daemon X Machina's character creator thing. It looks nothing like her! I still haven't played this game yet!


Here are the ingredients, I'm pretty sure no one even plays this game:
Gender: Female
Skin Color: 27 (starting from the top, then going left to right)
+ Hairstyle: 20
+ Hair Color: 6
+ Shape: 17
+ Skin: 1
+ Eyebrow Shape: 5
+ Eyebrow Position:
+-- Eyebrow Height: 0
+-- Eyebrow Gap: 0
+-- Eyebrow Angle: +2
+ Eyebrow Color: 1
+ Eye Shape: 9
+ Eye Color: Custom Orange/Brown
+ Odd Eye Shape: Disabled
+ Odd Eye Color: Disabled
+ Scar/Tattoo Shape: 1
+ Scar/Tattoo Color: 1
+ Eyeshadow: 1
+ Lip Color: 3
Voice: Female 2

Outer Plugsuit (default)
Color 1: Custom Grey
Color 2: 5
Color 3: Custom Green

In other news, I finally completed one route (the church's route) in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
What the frig!? This is the weirdest Fire Emblem game I've ever played. I don't even know if I want to play through the other routes. Trying to get abilities (skills) and pass certain class exams (class advancement) in this game takes some time and effort. It's not like in Awakening and Fates where you get a skill after reaching level 1, 5, 10, and 15, you have to master certain skills at different ranks to unlock abilities. Mastering certain classes also gives abilities. Also, certain classes have passive abilities. Everyone has a personal ability, just like in Fates. It's all so very confusing, but play long enough, you'll understand everything after a while. You certainly do get your money's worth with how very long this game is. The amiibo gazebo isn't anything special either. It might help early on in the game, but all these items, I'm sure you can get elsewhere. I think I'll wait for all the DLC to become available when coming back to this game. As James Rolfe would say, many more Mondays, many more games. I'm finally playing Astral Chain now.


0 October 23, 2019

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I enjoyed this post because you provided a soundtrack for me to read about your latest goings on...

Reply November 18, 2019