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Xenoblade is just as epic as I remembered. Actually, more epic than I remembered because I only played through the Wii version once and forgot about a lot of the stuff that happened. Definitive Edition has an Event Theatre, at least that's how they spelled it on the title screen. Uhh, I turned off Casual mode before the final boss. Xenoblade was more impressive as a Wii game back then. Now, not so much. There's a lot of other big open world games now a days. GTA V, Skyrim, I guess MGS V The Phantom Pain, and even Breath of the Wild. After exploring the world of the Bionis and Mechonis, it really doesn't seem that big after all. There are some similarities that happens during the story comparing to Xenoblade 2. Spoiler warning. Two ladies in

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Tuesday tunes, dood. In other news, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night finally has a release date. June 18th, 2019 for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, unfortunately arrives a week later for the Switch. Also, I didn't know about this until recently, but Curse of the Moon has some sort of new game + in another mode when starting a new file sort of thing, like a whole different scenario. I thought I was done with the game on my first playthrough, but no. It looks like there's another mode I need to unlock after completing Nightmare mode too. That Kingdom Hearts DLC tho. Xion finally getting the spotlight? She deserves it, dood. She is kinda cute. You know what other series would fit in well with KH? Black Rock Shooter. I dunno, there's these girls tha

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The forgotten one. 39th. That many total levels. The ign means Silver Fox. Gin = Silver, Kitsune = Fox. I swear this is the last level 200 screenshot, dood! I know y'all sick of them by now. I know reddit is... Not much to say about Shade, it's just there. Simple to play. Finally, no more dealing with kill stealers, botters, hackers, harassment, 2x lag and disconnect events, no more waiting for unscheduled maintenances, no more training, no more anything, I'm done. My goal was just to get 8000 total levels to unlock Legendary Legion (when I do get enough coins). I must have miscalculated, I don't know where the extra 4 levels came from. Anyways, I'm going for Critical Rate and Critical Damage on the Synergy Grid, I don't really care about t

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Oh look, it's Marth again. I didn't expect Paper Mario: Color Splash to be so short, so I'm gonna try this Lunatic difficulty for TMS ♯FE. Yes, it wasn't the crossover everyone was expecting, but at least the tunes are good. And you know what the frickted up part is? You have to play through the game again to unlock certain play records and awards. This costume only becomes available after starting a new game after a clear data, and doing so also unlocks an award. #playing #Nintendo #WiiU #TMSFE

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Coarse hair. 37th. 7934 total levels. The ign is Captain + Swanna, the Pokemon. I don't know, maybe I was playing a Pokemon game at the time. Guess I was also thinking of F-Zero's Captain Falcon, so I wanted to get some kind of water bird because pirates. I'll keep it short. Corsair was the better of the gun user classes in my opinion. A variety of different summons, 4 from Scurvy Summons/All Aboard/Ahoy Mateys, 4 from Broadside, and 1 from Octo-Cannon. I actually didn't use Broadside or Octo-Cannon that much, the duration was just way too short. Corsair does get a free soaring Broadside mount at level 150, so that's something unique for them. It's possible to keep the Broadside mount after job changing to a different pirate. I know BasilMa

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Sunk a few hours #playing #Skyforge on #PS4 over the weekend. It's a lot simpler than I remember, they've totally redone the class system and I ended up maxing out all three of my starter classes in a few hours. Apparently to unlock other classes it's 3 million credits, at first I thought this was pretty outrageous; but grinding 3m is probably going to be on-par with the time it took to reach the class nodes in the old Atlas system.

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Well, I did it again, another level 200 character. The timing of my screenshots are getting worse, dood. To make up for it, a short video of me training down below. Also, if you read my previous MapleStory story(I think that makes sense?), my Marksman was actually my 21st, and then Wind Archer as my 22nd level 200 character. I totally forgot about my Shadower because he's not on my BasilMarket players thing. nexon will never be forgiven for what they've done... Anyways, I left the Wind Archer at level 171 or 173 and it took maybe 2 weeks to get it to 200. There was so much lag, it was unbearable to even train during empty(or dead) hours. But now, it's sort of back to normal. Probably not for the weekends. I also started playing Final Fantas