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I like #puzzle games (#Picross ftw!), #Metroidvania's and weird music.

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Games HumbleBundle, Sierra, Boatload, Gameplay, , Graphics, Staid

I'm showing my age here, but if you're unfamiliar with publisher #Sierra, they put out a boatload of puzzle / logic type of games where you have to interact with your environment to figure out how to proceed along in the story. It's not for the mashers out there, this is slower-paced gameplay requiring lots of time and thinking outside the box. But it's very classic and engaging and highly rewarding, if you can get beyond the now staid graphics. Very cheap on #HumbleBundle.

Games GhostTime, Indie, Jettomero, Graphics, Micro, Quirky, Robot

There's a lot of great #indie stuff coming out these days (and much more in development). But a lot of it is quite derivative. #Jettomero by #GhostTimeGames looks really special. You take control of Jettomero to... I have no idea... stomp around micro planets before flying off to new ones? Is this some kind of comment on ... no, it's clearly just some robot stomper. I have no idea what the mechanics are but I don't care! The graphics are so quirky and engaging. I can't wait to try this out!

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