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I like #puzzle games (#Picross ftw!), #Metroidvania's and weird music.

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The #layout has been updated! I thought I'd explain my reasons for doing so. As the site grows in traffic I was beginning to feel that the pinterest-style layout was at times a bit messy looking. It was also not very efficient (from a browser memory usage pov) and thus incredibly laggy if you loaded more than a few extra pages (that big green button at the bottom). I hope you enjoy this cleaner, more efficient design. I know that some folks don't like change, but I hope you find this design to be easier to use. It should be a good bit faster to load as well. It's been truly entertaining seeing the community grow and fun to see what you're all playing / watching / reading. Among other things, next up on the list I plan to implement nested re

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It's always exciting to see someone hone their skills to the point where they go beyond emulating their inspiration to a place where they can explore the things inside their head. At the same time, it's important for someone from the outside looking in to keep in mind that great art is not an island, there is many years of work involved in getting to that point. There are no shortcuts - everyone gets out of it what they put into it. Whether you've heard of Ian Olympia, aka wicked alucard, is not entirely important. His body of work as an illustrator of 11 years is a great example of that transformation from emulation to personal exploration. Echofreak manga art If you're into manga, you might enjoy his black and white prints or one-offs fro

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