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I like #puzzle games (#Picross ftw!), #Metroidvania's and weird music.

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#helloim captain! I started as a way for my fellow in-game buddies and I to keep in touch if/when they / I moved on from whatever game I was into at the moment. You know how it goes - you get to know someone really well while grinding endless weeks to hit your goals or working together with others on a strategy to take down a boss, and then RL happens and you lose touch. This is a place where you can talk about games, anime, and the like. Get your friends on board so you can keep in touch and even make new friends as you find other cool games / things to watch. I'm working on some cool features so stick around.

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Hi all! Hope you've had a great summer so far? Thought I'd share an update on the alpha launch of the new Forum functionality! BZL's forums are split into 4 topics, which are identical to our site topics; Games, Art, TV, Music. Up to this point, BZL has been *solely* about stories, which are basically like blogs - little snippets of news, screenshots or videos. Forums are a way to ask questions or bring up discussions in a more casual way. It's also a format that's more conducive to chat as the thread gets bumped when there are replies. Each forum has a list of sub-forums. Many of us are current / former Maplers so there is a MapleStory forum. But there are also forums for other games as well as consoles (DS, Switch, PS4, etc). You'll note

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Greetings BZL'rs. I'm hoping to get some feedback on a fairly big feature I'm considering implementing please. BZL's story posting functionality is somewhat limited in the sense that it is used like a blog entry where you might share a screen or video or some piece of news. My thought is to also create a way to ask questions, share opinions, etc - a forum. The forums would be limited to Games, Anime and Art. Posting to these forums would be simple - ie, add '#forum #art' when adding a new story. Optionally, you could click a 'forum' button which expands to show a list of available forums. Focus would be placed on simplicity and keeping the interface clean. Forum threads would be shown on the right column like on the above image. The story c

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Overland game looks so beautiful. This type of artwork is right up my alley in pretty much anything - animation, books, but especially games. The concept is really interesting too. From the official page: Overland is a squad-based survival strategy game with procedurally generated levels set in post-apocalyptic North America. Every random level is full of close calls and hard choices, even though the interface is approachable and easy to learn. Manage allies, fuel supplies, medkits and weapons by making the right choices on the procedural roadmaps. A road trip straight into the heart of the cataclysmic event that changed the Earth forever.

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