How do you access forums or create new posts on mobile version? As far as I can see there is only options to view the main feed - I can't even find a way to get to my own personal profile. Left hamburger menu only gives options to select categories.

There are no links available for the above-mentioned actions.

To write this post I had to manually type the add-post URL into my mobile browser lol. Halpp.


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Hey there, sorry about that! I was so engrossed in the forum functionality I let the mobile take a backseat. The full set of menu items should be there now. And if you click the hamburger icon you should also now see a 'Forum' link.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Cannot create new-post but can reply and leave a comment in existing-posts. Can sign-in, but it is impossible to sign-out. These are all from my Mobile. I know this site is in WIP, just pointing some of the bugs that I found. Maybe they are not added yet, since it's WIP.

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@EternalMemory Hopefully it's resolved soon, as this is all pretty basic functionality which is lacking right now. I'm almost certain I used to be able to create a post from mobile - but yeah it's gone now.

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