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Addicted to milk tea ☕️ and coding ⌨️. Lover of all games, currently on MapleStory.
Maplestorym, Mobile, Multiplayer, MapleStory, Screenshot
I know I just posted a Pocket MS screenshot, but I got around to downloading the Korean version of MapleStory M and it is AWESOME. Its is seriously a tiny mobile version of the desktop game. Cleaner controls, multiplayer everywhere instead of just in towns, and way more customisation.
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captain: Looks pretty cool! The UI is a bit cluttered? Can you boss and grind too?
Helpingly: Didn't even know there was a Korean version.
benevolentia: @captain - pretty sure there are bosses, I'm not high enough level to confirm that yet but I believe I saw videos of zakum and the sorts.@Helpingly - it's the only version right now, there is no Global/English version :( Hence me stumbling around on the KR one (I don't know any Korean! I just press buttons until things work!) And yeah, it's a little cluttered... The awesome gameplay makes up for it though :P
Maplestory, PocketMS, Playing, Mobile, Pocket
Decided to pop on to PocketMS and kill some time while I was away. I played this initially at launch in Australia but haven't touched it since. I have a 110 Angelic Buster but decided to remake a Mercedes instead of continuing since it's been so long.
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Helpingly: I never played it. I do remember when they had a Facebook version of Maplestory though. Those were the days.
benevolentia: @Helpingly - Maplestory Adventures! I remember that game! Good fun.
random87: I've wasted some time on that!I usually play Maplestory with a friend, but when her PC died we decided to give PocketMS a try.Much like normal Maplestory we got bored quite fast.
Battlefield, Playing, BF1, PS4
That medic life.
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privateereck: I never got into BF1. I took it too seriously.
benevolentia: @privateereck - Hahha I play pretty casually. I don't have that many hours logged on it.
privateereck: @benevolentia last thing I recall doing was playing with pistols only online, and I wasn't doing so bad.
Skyforge, Playing, PS4, Simpler, Redone
Sunk a few hours playing Skyforge on PS4 over the weekend. It's a lot simpler than I remember, they've totally redone the class system and I ended up maxing out all three of my starter classes in a few hours.
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with a smoked salmon scramble!
Skyforge, Playing, PS4
Skyforge has come to PS4 which is pretty cool. It's the same as the PC version, but since I don't have a gaming PC anymore this is really awesome. Definitely going to sink some hours into this.
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EternalMemory: Skyforge from My.com? lol! The same Publisher that is hosting my MMO Revelation Online. Since you don't have Gaming-PC anymore, I think that would do for your situation, but really, you need PC if you want to venture to MMO. I would recommend PC. And Bless Online is coming-out (I think Fall-2017 for the Closed-BETA), and it is a heavily-Traditional-MMO(with Instanced-Dungeon that has Gear-drops. Levelling, you would do it mostly in the Open-World through Grind), that is something good to get involved with. Traditional-MMO, Grind, Farming, Open-World(and you are not forced to Instances only) = better Immersion like Black Desert.
FriedClams: Enjoy your game with some orange wafers!
benevolentia: @EternalMemory - yes, that's the same Skyforge, just released for PS4 now! :)Nah, I'm not interested in a gaming PC anymore :P I don't play enough to warrant it, and I'm happy with the games available on PS4 or which run smoothly on my bootcamped Mac Book Pro :D
PREVIEWEngSub, KyojinSeason, PREVIEWEng, SneakPeek, Shingeki
Finished Episode 2 of AttackOnTitan Season 2 last weekend, still feeling pretty slow off the mark and sluggish. Considering Season 1 finished mid-way through a manga chapter I was expecting the level of excitement to be similar to how we left off.
Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 2 PREVIEW Eng Sub - Youtube
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Helpingly: I'm finding it really interesting so far. I read the manga to a certain point, stopped reading because I got bored, so hopefully this sparks my interest again.
HawtNoodle: Oh so Season 2 is a thing? Thought it was a april fools joke.
benevolentia: @Helpingly - I read a bit of the manga also, but I'm definitely finding S2 pretty slow so far...@HawtNoodle - Nope! It's real :D
MapleStory, Playing, PC, THISCHAIR, HOWCUTE
Collecting rewards from my Pink Bean character. HOW CUTE IS THIS CHAIR? 😍
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Helpingly: Comment has nothing to do with the chair... but #tipsy
FriedClams: I like that chair. I have it too! Celebrate with butter crackers!
WatchGintama: thats a nice chair. I only had boring chairs available back when I played
BlacklightRetri, Playing, PS4, PC, Download
I downloaded 'Blacklight: Retribution' on the PS4 the other day. It's pretty small (5GB) and actually plays pretty well for a free-to-play shooter. It has a cash shop style system where you can purchase new gear, but the free stuff is nice enough to play with so I'm not too bothered.
HorizonZeroDawn, Playing, PS4, Tallneck, Game
Riding on top of a Tallneck in HorizonZeroDawn.
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FriedClams: While you wait to play it again, enjoy a chocolate panna cotta!
syrup: gotta try this out
benevolentia: @syrup yes, definitely. I would 100% recommend it.
Destiny, Playing, PS4
This is what date night looks like in my house 😂
FriedClams: Make your night more fun by enjoying a Boston creme donut!
DragonBall, Maplestory, Playing, Anime, PC
Pink Bean character does a Super Saiyan Rose attack! Ahhhhh, so awesome. Maplestory playing PC DragonBall Anime
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benevolentia: @Revenants - If so, that's even cooler. I wasn't sure if it was specifically a SSR reference or just a SS reference and Pink Bean is pink and all, soooo. But if it was yellow last time it seems like it's updated to reflect the more recent form!
SmexiiNinja: I dig it! Did anyone see tonight's episode?! :]
benevolentia: @SmexiiNinja yep! I watch it every week like clockwork! @_@
HorizonZeroDawn, Playing, PS4, Console, Games
HorizonZeroDawn is probably one of the best console single-player games released in the last 10 years. It has an engaging story, absolutely breathtaking world design, and interesting side quests and adventures.
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benevolentia: @captain I'm a bit of a completionist, I enjoy finishing games to the fullest extent that I can, and the fact that this game was so good just exacerbated that I suppose.
captain: Wow, it's gotten some great ratings and the plot sounds really interesting. I don't have a PS4, but if/when I get one I would surely try this, thanks for the recommendation. What others are you into?Did completing to 100% get you anything special or is just the satisfaction of knowing you did it to true completion?
benevolentia: It didn't get me anything special - just a sense of satisfaction that I'd completed all there was to complete. However, I definitely think you miss some really interesting facts and snippets about the world of Horizon Zero Dawn if you don't explore beyond the main story line.I mostly play MMORPG's or first person shooters. I usually move between the same games: Maplestory, Destiny, Battlefield, Tera Online. I've been thinking of playing Skyforge once it's released on PS4 (I played the PC version a while back and it was quite fun - it's an instanced dungeon style MMORPG).
Guardian, Destiny, Playing, PS4
Little bit of late night Destiny.
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benevolentia: It's basically a first person shooter MMO. I've sunk over 1000 hours into it since it's release, easily one of the best games of late.
FriedClams: Enjoy your game with some coconut flan!
benevolentia: @FriedClams I have 8 weeks of my diet left, stop teasing me with delicious sounding foods 😭
MapleStory, Levelup, Playing, PC, 12th
Leveling up a Pink Bean character for 'night of the living bean' in MapleStory 12th Terrorversary event.
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Helpingly: I remember the dudes who actually got those to 250. GG
benevolentia: Jeez 250!? I don't think I'll make it that far. I'm pretty limited to weekends for playtime. #adultlife haha.
privateereck: Good Luck. I may go for 200 myself for the title. I am trying to min-max as much as I can
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