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Currently level 68 in Revelation Online and I am 50% away to level 69 (the current-level-cap in this game) and will hit level 69 in 2 to 4 more days. Upon reaching that level, I will unlock the level 69 Class-Costume (which are beautiful for every class!) and I will be able to wear and Craft the remaining level 69 Tier-12 Gears. I will Intricate-Craft my Mainhand-Weapon upon reaching level 69 and take it easy on Synthesis-Crafting my Helm, Boots, Armor, and Greaves. Yes, these pieces badly need to be Synthesized! It is too expensive to waste on Intricating them! And I already have my Necklace for 69, via Drops. Take it easy and relax on farming for these Materials for Synthesis-Crafting these 4-pieces by doing MC*1-runs weekly, that is the plan that I intend to do to take away my stress that this game is causing me. There is no need to rush because that is the current-level-cap and I'm missing 4 more pieces of Gears. On level 79, I do not need Synthesis-Gears because BiS-Gears are the Hand-Crafted-ones that are Exalt-Renewed, therefore, to go over this Synthesis-tiering-system is bull sh-t! I am by no way going over that, and these Gears I mentioned will last me till 79, then I will go Intricate for BiS! Reducing cost-factor is what I'm doing for the moment!
EternalMemory: Raids in this game are so hard! It is taking me days! Not 8 hours, I am talking about days for a single run of MC! How else do you think I'm stressed-out?! And GB * 3, even with my current-Gears, it can potentially take me days! I know, this is fking bull sh-t, and this is the reason I will dump this game for Bless! My body will collapse if I stay in this fking game!
FriedClams: I admire your passion and dedication to the games to play. Celebrate with grilled rainbow trout!