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FirTrees, Ofcourse, Gonna, Sidus, Game FirTrees, Ofcourse, Gonna, Sidus, Game
Ok, so I got my Gathering-Skill on my Mule to level 10. It took me 4+ hours from nothing. Now, I am out of Dilligence, I gonna have to wait for it to recover! So leave that for tomorrow! Now, I need to start cutting Banyan and Fir Trees. I already unlocked their Identification on my Book via the 2nd-Chapter.
ArgentiniumOres, LifeSkill, AntWoods, Africa ArgentiniumOres, LifeSkill, AntWoods, Africa
Darkfall(the huge-dark-forest that never see light, west of Amanita-Hamlet-forest) is a very good place to level your Gathering-Profession. It is rich in Argentinium Ores and Ant Woods, very abundant, like South Africa when it comes to Gold. Trust me, it's better here than other places! Here is hard to get through, thus, have less competition for resources, and it is abundant enough that you don't have to worry about spawning. , ,
EternalMemory: Run out of things to do? You'll never! Kill those Spiders for Silk and kill those Monkeys for Course Cotton. Whatever time you put in this forest, you will either bag resources, or money should you decide to sell them, and experience.