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Jay Chou is one of China's top performing artists, a longtime League of Legends player, and the owner of the League of Legends Master Series' (LMS) J Team. As Jay will be performing live at the Finals of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, the Riot music team partnered with him to create a ‘Worlds Remix' of his 2016 song "Hero." #Worlds2017 ************************************************ 人生不是一个人的游戏 Life isn't just a single player game 一起奋斗一起超越 United we fight, united we thrive 一起杀吧sup兄弟 Let's get the killing started 好战好胜战胜逆命 Feisty, warlike, battling

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GREETINGS FROM OSAKA~ Currently staying with my auntie for the rest of October on personal reasons~ (ditching school but dont worry, online academies are a thing, plus I got permission from my counselor before-hand so gg lol) So.. I ended up not sleeping for 27 hours.. since well.. my flight wasn't a very fun experience for me.. I always had really bad motion sickness when it comes to cars / boats / planes.. hell even when i'm just on an escalator I get intense motion sickness >_> .. I'm glad i didn't puke though.. but was too nauseous to fall asleep.. plus the worry of puking made it even worse since I was on the edge of puking more than like.. 9 hours of the flight.. Once we got to Japan , first thing we did was find a hotel since me and

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