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Hello there BZLers good to see some of you are still around! Having not been here for some time I feel like it's time for my yearly BZL update. I think only the captain remembers me, but it doesn't matter much, I think I'm mainly writing this update for myself. Still living. Still loving plants. Steadily getting older. Feeling slightly wiser. Still learning to accept myself. Still stressing myself out over minor things. Still loving my motorcycle. Steadily trying more new things every year. Getting back into reading, reading more books with some kind of philosophical moral to them than I did before. Starting to enjoy a lot of activities I previously deemed to be for old people, like taking a language-course and discussing books. I'd love to

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Hi there! Here's my rant-of-the-day! Today's rant is brought to you by: Emoji's! I usually get along fine with just about anyone, but people who use to many emoji's just piss me off. Well, I guess the amount of emoji's isn't really a problem, but the totally unnecessary use of emoji's gets to me. It's usually old people who piss me off the most. One of my colleagues loves to replace as many words with emoji's as humanly possible. He's somewhere in his late 50's, and would rather use a train emoji than just typing the 5 damn letters. Please don't act like my 10 year old nephew when you're sending messages to everyone in the company. Please stop unnecessary emoji use!

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The best thing just happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I went to a Nada Surf concert, the second time I've seen them live. The first time I couldn't find anyone willing to go to their concert with me, so a few hours before their concert I decided to just go, jump in the train and see what happens. The Gods and/or the universe must have been smiling at me from above, because that night was one of the best nights of my life. At the concert I ended up meeting a long-time fan who was also left on his own, we spend the night buying beers and singing along. It was so much better than what it would have been with anyone else, since he was such a huge fan we just understood each other, the fan-girling about the littlest details, the "I just love t

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Might buy a motorcycle tomorrow :O I don't have my licence just yet, but I think I might have found the perfect bike and I just can't wait. Since I'm close to 2 meters tall (about 6,5) I'd like a bike made for someone my size, so the one I'm going to see tomorrow is a Honda Transalp XL650V. I really hope the bike is everything it seems to be, since it'll be close to a 2 hour drive. (x2) I'm taking my brother with me to test-drive it, so at least I've got company. Making decisions isn't really my strong side, and I get really anxious with things like this :( I'll probably just buy the bike, since I keep myself awake worrying about buying the wrong bike, I'd rather just get it over with. My experience is that I worry more about all the possib

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I'm going to try to get my Motorcycle License! My Theory-test is tomorrow, and a few hours later I'll be having my first ever Motorcycle-drivinglesson. Since I live in an European country it's all pretty serious, the European laws are extremely strict :( It'll be worth it though! Wish me luck! You have to pass three (3!) difficult exams, and after that my choice of motorcycles is restricted to only a few bikes since I'm only 22. To get a full Motorcycle License I'll have to wait untill I'm 24, and then pass 2 of the 3 exams again :O I'm not the kind of guy to drive extremely fast motorcycles though, so I probably won't even bother with the full license.

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What's the worst lie you've ever told to get out of work/school? I'll share mine with you, since I feel like today I reached a whole new level of laziness. Here's what I did: I was lying in bed, really didn't feel like getting out. I had been awake for about 30 minutes, and it was really starting to get late. So I had to make a decision, should I shower and have breakfast, or skip all of that and try to sleep for another 30 minutes? But then I figured, Why not both?! Soooooo I slept for a while, texted my coworker that I was running late because I overslept, had a nice long shower, a good breakfast, and arrived at work refreshed and energized, albeit a little late.

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