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Going to see Good Charlotte in concert tomorrow! Their music has changed, and my taste has changed quite a bit too, and I'm not as big a fan as I used to be. I would have really like to have gone to one of their concerts 9 or 10 years ago, But hey, I guess now is fine too. I can probably channel my inner child and have a lot of fun, provided they play the older stuff. Hoping to get something signed tomorrow, don't know what though. Since I have most of their (older) CD's I figured I could probably get one of those signed. I realized I even own a Good Charlotte clock! it'd be cool to get a clock signed, but I really don't feel like carrying a clock around.

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Last week my family gave me a bunch of art stuff for my birthday, (to "rekindle your old passion" - My mom, 2017) I still used to do artsy stuff now and then, mostly painting, or more unconventional things, like "I bet I can make (insert item) look nice with some pink spray-paint" But among other things I received some nice pencils, so I've gone back to drawing, which I haven't done in years. Recently I've been drawing Ivy, I love plants, and Ivy is one of my favourites. I think there's something soothing about drawing a bunch of individual leaves. I also choose to draw Ivy since I think it'll help me get better at drawing complex shapes. An Ivy leaf isn't exactly the most complex shape there is, but it's still tricky to get that perfect le

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I've tollerated my Iphone 5s for about a year now, but now I'm at the point where I'd gladly throw it against a brick wall. In normal daily use the phone is fine, but having to use Itunes ruins it all. I've spend way to much time trying to sync the damn thing. All my music is gone, and Itunes gets stuck while synchronizing. I've tried every damn solution I can find online but it doesn't seem to help. Listening to music and making phone calls is the only thing I use it for, so I guess it's time to return to Android.