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The local garden centre is going out of business, 30% discount on everything! Luckily I managed to keep calm, and only bought two new plants. (Ivy, there's always room for ivy) I mainly just bought pots. A while ago I bought a bunch of the same type of pots , and now I bought some more so I can keep the same theme going when I buy new plants, or when plants get to big for their current pot. I also bought a stack of cheap pots for any future baby ficus. All of the previous baby ficus have been given away, including their pots, so I needed some more of those. Buuuuuut the real reason I went to the garden centre was to buy the bag in the background, forget about the plants, look at that fox! Today is the first day of the sale, and the discount

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Sooooo yesterday I promised/threatened I'd post a plant-review here everyday, which was meant as a joke, but hey, I'm not doing anything useful, so here we go! Plantreview#1! In today's review I'll be looking at the Hedra Helix! Also known as plain-old Ivy. You might think "Why review ivy? not exactly the most exciting plant in the world.." And you'd be right, they're not.. But that's exactly what makes them great! The beauty of the Hedra Helix is in the simplicity. But obviously tastes differ, so let me give you some real reasons to like ivy! The first reason to like ivy is Caring for them, mainly because they hardly require any care at all! The second reason to like ivy is that they don't require much space, just place them somewhere up h

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Third and (probably) final BabyFicus Update! Close to three months ago I resized my fairly large Ficus-like-plant and put some of the cuttings in water. All of them survived and started growing roots. I bought a bunch of cheap pots and potted them yesterday. Since I never dared hope all of the cuttings would take root I now have an unexpected problem, mainly: what the hell am I going to do with so many plants? Luckily my sister visited me a week after the start of the experiment and told me that: "It's never going to work, but if it does I want one" I'll probably select two or three of the most promising plants and put them together for my sister, since just one stem doesn't look like much. Maybe I'll keep a few myself and replace their pro

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The best thing just happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I went to a Nada Surf concert, the second time I've seen them live. The first time I couldn't find anyone willing to go to their concert with me, so a few hours before their concert I decided to just go, jump in the train and see what happens. The Gods and/or the universe must have been smiling at me from above, because that night was one of the best nights of my life. At the concert I ended up meeting a long-time fan who was also left on his own, we spend the night buying beers and singing along. It was so much better than what it would have been with anyone else, since he was such a huge fan we just understood each other, the fan-girling about the littlest details, the "I just love t