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There's nothing more annoying than having a bunch of bright coloured spray-paint cans and nothing to try them out on
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random87: @blaz4ever I just can't help myself, I've sprayed a bunch of random things already :OMy phone case is now bright yellow, some old hubcaps are now Neon green or pink.Everything I own gets "personalized" once I've owned it for about a month or more. Wheter it's paint or permanent markers, I'll mark it somehow.But now I'm running out of things to Improve :[email protected] Nice! I do have some canvasses laying around! And I could also just spray over some old failed paintings :D
captain: do you find that the phone case doesn't rub off? Is it safe (is there such a thing?) I thought you'd go for your planters, table legs, that kind of thing. :)
random87: @captain Unless you spray thick/to many layers without letting it dry properly the paint shouldn't rub off. (Not in the way that it's leaving yellow marks in my pockets or on my hands anyways)The case has soft plastic bumpers/sides though, and the paint doesn't really stick to it, even after sanding and spraying some primer.It still doesn't rub off though, the paint just sort of chips off in small flakes.The plexiglass back seems fine though.
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Bought a new Bonsai yesterday!
Helpingly: @random87 Doing fine, having some algae problems because I haven't added shrimps yet, but I want to go to a local place later and add some rarer varieties.
captain: @random87: I'm the kind of person who has trouble keeping cacti alive :D :D But it's fun to see your adventures!
random87: @Helpingly Any clue as to what colour you're looking for?
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Helpingly: What I appreciate the most about succulents is their hardy nature. I'm from California and because of the drought, many people's yards started to go brown because of the strict water policy rules here. However, because my family invested in succulents, we were able to keep them beautiful and use very little water at the same time. Very low maintenance and hardy plant. That's all I have to say about that.
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Sooooo yesterday I promised/threatened I'd post a plant-review here everyday, which was meant as a joke, but hey, I'm not doing anything useful, so here we go! Plantreview#1!
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HawtNoodle: We have a tree in our frontyard covered in these leaves from top to bottom bark and all (not the leafs ofcourse).As a kid I was collecting acorns once and a disgusting huge green spider cricket thing jumped on my sleeve...it freaked me out SO badly and made me cry. Thanks for the memories haha.
Waiting for the books I ordered to arrive. they take soooo long.
FriedClams: Enjoy your books! I never read either of these. I decided to power through Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I heard it was very boring but it is very famous so I want to see why. While you are reading, enjoy a cup of your choice of tea!
I've been taking pictures of my plants every now and then to see them grow, but even though I thought I took the pictures pretty consistently, It turns out my timing is pretty random, and the angles are all over the place :O
Aquarium update #1
HawtNoodle: I always found aquariums awesome, especially the bigger ones.
Helpingly: Cool! I would love to see pictures of the progress :D
FriedClams: Sounds exciting! What fish will you get? I used to have a betta in a bowl. I loved that fish.
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BabyFicus update 4!
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Kaneki: SMOL BABY i hope it grows up well and healthy :'^)
captain: you should set up some kind of time lapse on it!
Anyone here have any experience with Aquaria? I have acquired a 30 Liter Nano Cube, buuuuuuuut (with the exeption of caring for a bunch of goldfish as a kid) I have zero experience or knowledge :O
random87: @captain I can confirm that just looking at a bunch of water is a great way to spend your time.My boss recently bought a saltwater Nano Cube for the office, one size bigger than mine (60L)A saltwater aquarium takes a lot of time to get the right balance of sciency stuff before you can put anything in, so we've been looking at a bunch of rocks for the last 4 weeks.Last week we put in this little thing ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/0x63amkqmmixwhx/Video%2006-01-17%2016%2052%2044.mov?dl=0 ) Just looking at it move is relaxing.It moves on it's own, filtering the water for food, which is just amazing to see!The best part about the "empty"aquarium is the fact that if you look closely it's already full of life.We found out a tiny starfish snuck into the aquarium hidden in some rocks!It's nice to just spend some time looking at a big box of water in the middle of a busy day.
captain: @random87: I'm just going to assume you and your boss actually work in some kind of aquatic-related business and that you're not actually spending company time talking about aquariums. And if it is the latter, please email me with details about exactly what line of work you're in so I can follow down your path please.
random87: @captain Well.. actually we do bookkeeping/accountancy and other finance stuff!It's just that my boss is pretty passionate about fish and living things in general.Near us there is a fairly large store we go to every now and then during lunch time.Last time we visited the store we were gone for about 2 hours :OBut otherwise the work is fairly dull, and that's exactly what makes the office-aquarium so great, you get to look at something other than a bunch of numbers.
BabyFicus update 3? 4?
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RedEyed: see told you the green magnus wishes not to share king-overlord-plantgod-bonsaicaretaker title with you
random87: @redeyed From now on I'll just crown myself King-overlord-plantgod, minus the Bonsaicaretaker title.I'm not worthy D:Maybe I'm not even worthy of the King-overlord-plantgod title either, and I'll just be a plain-old "Guy who has a few plants"
Helpingly: Oh wow thats sad ;c. I've always really enjoyed Bonsai plants but never had the patients or knowledge to care for some.
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Third and (probably) final BabyFicus Update!
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Helpingly: good to see that your experiment was a success :)
Kaneki: they're beautiful
Raginroxas: So pretty!
At work we were allowed to wear festive clothing, since I don't own any ugly Christmas sweaters I went with this.
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EricBB: ugly christmas sweaters aren't rlly ugly :D
I thought I bought Chocolate raisins but it turns out I bought chocolate peanuts
FriedClams: Sorry I hope they were still delicious!
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Operation Baby Ficus has successfully reached stage 23!
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captain: Nice McGyvered silver-ring thing! Quite fun following your Ficus adventure, thanks for sharing. You must have quite the green collection growing in your room?
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with coconut custard pie!
random87: @captain !Thanks!Since I posted something about these plants before I figured a followup was in order.And yes, I do have quite a lot of plants.Sort of sucks though, when I fall in love with a cool new plant I usually don't buy it since most of my space is occupied by other plants :3
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I know this is mainly a Gaming related site, buuuuuuuuuuuuut games don't excite me as much as they used to anymore.
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captain: Are ficuses (fici?) the really finicky / fussy plants that require a lot of care? Did you have to do anything else such as adding some nutrients or...?
random87: @captain Yup! Ficus benjamina are the plants that are rumored to kill them selves when you move them, I've never had any problems with this one though. I used to have a different kind with really thin leaves that did fall out when it didn't get the exact right care. This one however has thick leaves and seems a lot easier to take care of.As for the cuttings: I didn't do anything at all.You can use some kind of hormone powder to root faster, but I don't take my hobby that seriously so I just put them in water. The less you do the better I think, I used to look at the roots every day, but they are quite fragile so I accidentally broke some of them off. I'm just leaving them alone for now.
captain: It almost sounds like you're describing kids - the less you try to control the better off they are.
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