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DeeMon: I've been running around like some crazy person, doing errands for my parents because they're both sick. Pharmacy to pick up prescription things and banking stuff which I've never done before. I guess it's my turn to take care of them. I feel like a butler.
Helpingly: I had a great weekend! Went down to the pier to go fishing with the fam; nice day considering where I was vacationing for the last week was consistently hot as heck XD.
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EternalMemory: Game is Pay-to-Win, why come back there? Me? I am never coming-back nor will I play any MMO from Nexon, one of the worst-reputed-MMO-Publisher. Try anything else, anything, just one that doesn't have a bad business-model, actually, most of them have flawed business-model, but not to the extent of this one. You might enjoy those better than this. If it is for the nostalgia, this game is far from being the same as it used to be long before, there is no nostalgia to get here! Game is dead and connection is really bad, almost everyday the game lags and DCs. If the population does not speak for itself, you are better-off not coming back. And I doubt population is any good! Who do you think can tolerate these? Gears are still Pay-to-Win because you have to Enhance and Cube them. If you will keep riding these scam, they will never learn! Company is now doing poorly, I just hope they sink to the level of Aeria Games now, or better yet, they shut-down completely. They have a very poor reputation, no fking way I will support a company like this one. You are better off with something else if it's not for your friend.
Beefly: The only notable thing is the monster collection rewards are much better, I usually get 3 occult cubes daily on average (only accepting 2-3 boxes a day). This means getting epic potential is pretty easy now especially with every event selling epic scrolls. Legion replaces card system, if you care about the card system, you should level your mules to 140 because that's the new S tier.
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syrup: (1) Step away! You can't force it. If it's not there, it's not there. Unless of course you've already stepped away. In which case (2) just paint ANYTHING. Literally dollop any paint and just splatter away. Something will arise from the void. And if it doesn't, repeat step (1) and then step (2).
random87: @Syrup Thanks for the tips.I just painted the entire thing black, and I'll come back to it later.I do sort of have an idea though, I'm just unsure how to execute it.
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syrup: Have you tried Google Play? I'm with you - itunes SUCKS. I find google play to be quite usable. That said, I loved my Android until I got too good of a deal on an iphone SE to pass up. :/ Would prefer to be on Android. Curious to hear what you end up with.
random87: @syrup I've tried a few of the other methods of getting music on your phone, but I want a rather large number of songs on my phone, so most of them aren't ideal in that situation.Having said that, I haven't tried Google Play yet, so I might give it a try.I'll probably end up still using my Iphone, once every few months when I try to get new music on there I hate it, but the other 360 days of the year it all works fine.I might reset everything, see if that works, if so my Iphone lives to get smashed some other day.Buying a new one seems a bit dramatic, and I really don't want another phone.Mainly because of the size of the Iphone, I don't want to carry around a large phone.I don't spend much time one the internet, don't play mobile games, so bigger is only an inconvenience.Obviously there are smaller phones that run Android, but I feel like most of the time they're the "budget range", and I don't want a cheap piece of plastic either.
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random87: @captainI'll get some guys with saxophones together.I think I see where you're getting at though.You can tell your friends about the deeper meaning of the photo, and they'll probably believe it.For me the photo is an ironic representation of life in the current age.We print the animals that are going extinct on the things that are slowly killing them!The bag represents our need to consume!The Ivy is just ivy.
captain: You have done an even better job of exploring and proving my point, thank you! Perhaps you are actually on your way towards making another 'frasierwave' album. See http://music.businesscasual.biz/album/frasierwave
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random87: @captainMy patented & proven daycare program includes:-Riding around on skateboards.-Picking dandelions- which according to an 8 year old work as fuel for skateboards.-Rides around town on the back of my moped.(The smaller one was to small to actually ride on the back of my moped, so for safety reasons I ended up just pushing the thing with the engine of, and him steering and honking- which is fun but also extremely tiring)-Spray painting Smint tins bright green/yellow/orange.
captain: They are lucky to have you! Imagination breeds awesome.
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captain: do you find that the phone case doesn't rub off? Is it safe (is there such a thing?) I thought you'd go for your planters, table legs, that kind of thing. :)
random87: @captain Unless you spray thick/to many layers without letting it dry properly the paint shouldn't rub off. (Not in the way that it's leaving yellow marks in my pockets or on my hands anyways)The case has soft plastic bumpers/sides though, and the paint doesn't really stick to it, even after sanding and spraying some primer.It still doesn't rub off though, the paint just sort of chips off in small flakes.The plexiglass back seems fine though.
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