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DeeMon avatar I've been running around like some crazy person, doing errands for my parents because they're both sick. Pharmacy to pick up prescription things and banking stuff which I've never done before. I guess
Helpingly avatar I had a great weekend! Went down to the pier to go fishing with the fam; nice day considering where I was vacationing for the last week was consistently hot as heck XD.
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syrup avatar * grow plants * name plants * consider them companies * assign them a gender * stick eyes on them * talk to them!?
Kaneki avatar //whispers// tree star
Maple, Felt, Told

Maple, Felt, Told

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Eternal avatar Game is Pay-to-Win, why come back there? Me? I am never coming-back nor will I play any MMO from Nexon, one of the worst-reputed-MMO-Publisher. Try anything else, anything, just one that doesn't have
Beefly avatar The only notable thing is the monster collection rewards are much better, I usually get 3 occult cubes daily on average (only accepting 2-3 boxes a day). This means getting epic potential is pretty ea
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syrup avatar (1) Step away! You can't force it. If it's not there, it's not there. Unless of course you've already stepped away. In which case (2) just paint ANYTHING. Literally dollop any paint and just splatter
random87 avatar Thanks for the tips. I just painted the entire thing black, and I'll come back to it later. I do sort of have an idea though, I'm just unsure how to execute it.
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syrup avatar Have you tried Google Play? I'm with you - itunes SUCKS. I find google play to be quite usable. That said, I loved my Android until I got too good of a deal on an iphone SE to pass up. :/ Would prefer
random87 avatar I've tried a few of the other methods of getting music on your phone, but I want a rather large number of songs on my phone, so most of them aren't ideal in that situation. Having said that, I haven't
Pleasepleaseplease, Bought, Grills, Upload, Ficus

Pleasepleaseplease, Bought, Grills, Upload, Ficus

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random87 avatar I'll get some guys with saxophones together. I think I see where you're getting at though. You can tell your friends about the deeper meaning of the photo, and they'll probably believe it. For me the
captain avatar You have done an even better job of exploring and proving my point, thank you! Perhaps you are actually on your way towards making another 'frasierwave' album. See
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