One of the biggest Project I've done this year. Drew this on January took me 3 weeks.
FYI in-case you have forgotten about my method. I STILL am drawing with a mouse.
And that time I was using 3 programs;
1. PaintoolSAI - lineart on characters and the pillars, base coloring and shades/lightings)
2. Paintstorm studio, helped me with the stars in the background
3. ClipPaint Studio, a friend gave me a code without telling me what it was for n I thought it was a trial, so I put it to good use by adding effects and blur and enhanced the lighting of the surrounding for special finishers.

The reason why I pushed myself too far for this piece because my group Mod gave away a Huion Kamvas PRO 12 gt-116 as a grand price. So I joined in. Sadly....I didn't win, all I could do so far was congratulate the winner. I drained so much energy and effort, atleast, I got in 2nd place. I couldn't buy a display tablet due to my financial problem


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2nd place!? Agh... sorry, Dai What do you mean by "group Mod"? For a game? This looks like one of your best works! Are you proud of it? Your technique has really improved, very clean.

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@captain our moderator was gathering up ppl outside to group to be the judge for the comp. And yeah I was proud of my work, it was the only work that Ive pushed my limit

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I drew this since January this year.

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Looks dope! I love the reflections in the shattered glass.

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