What games are you all looking forward to?


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Splatoon 3 and Elden Ring mostly

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@captain looks cute, splatfests are fun monthly activaties, unique type of shooter, interesting characters/world, etc... just very appealing to me.

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I grew up playing MMORPGs and we all know what happened to that genre: quality MMORPGs have gone extinct like the dinosaurs and there is no indication that they will ever make a resurrection. I already accepted that the genre is gone and I don't believe Starbase can save this genre. What I'm looking for is something new to play that will keep me interested for atleast another short-term and with enough community, and you know what, this Starbase is enough to fit that bill, for now.

Starbase has no pay-to-win because the game is peer-to-peer. The game will be buy-to-play with a cosmetic-only cash shop. There is no monetization problem that can affect gameplay. But the game itself is 100% sandbox (player-driven) with safe-zones and PVP-zones and with no PVE. I played similar MMOs that is exactly like that: this has yet to work.

I hope that they can pull this game off and it will be fun for me to stick around for longer. Beside this game, there is not a single upcoming MMO that I'm interested in trying. This is how bad the genre is: I have nothing to play but this game and I have nothing to fall back on.

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@Eternal still waiting for this game! I hope it's everything you want

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@captain You know, I am more of a realist right now after going through another disappointment which is Dual Universe. That game has been released incomplete, buggy, broken, and unplayable. You've seen the potential but it ended up as a terrible game that is beyond repair. This is what the genre have since been since 2007: a series of disappointing releases that failed to meet your expectations. As a millennial, I've been playing this genre since 2002, I experienced the ups and downs of the genre, and I can tell you that this genre is no longer and nowhere as good as it once were pre-2007. I am lowering my expectations this time as a realist. My requirement based on what the market can provide, is a new MMORPG that has a playable building fundamentals and a social community. It's not everything I want, but I hope that it will be good enough to meet my lowered expectations of a building game and a game to socialize. This is a better game than Dual Universe because it has corrected some of the design problems of the later such as the difficult building fundamentals and non-renewable resources. I'm optimistic because atleast this is a much better game than Dual Universe (a game that I uninstalled months ago without a replacement).

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