Toying around with a dark mode for the site... any thoughts?

Not sure I have the time to make it toggle-able at the moment... meaning that if I put up a dark mode it would be "stuck" (you could not switch back to light for the time being).

I do like the light mode, but find it can be a BIT bright sometimes. Let me know what you think.

May 4, 2021

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I always use dark mode if possible, imo it looks better and it's also less painful for the eyes at night. I'd like to see it.

Reply May 6, 2021

@HawtNoodle ok, cool! It's ready to test, just look in the footer for the 'change theme' button. Let me know what you think.

reply May 7, 2021

@captain It's nice! If I had to point something out then it would be that some texts like comments may be hard to read, maby changing it to white when you switch to the dark theme may be a good suggestion ^^

reply May 8, 2021

@HawtNoodle I've been working in Firefox where everything looks completely different! Just checked in Chrome and I see there was a CSS bug. How does it look now?

reply May 13, 2021