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Amiibo, Nintendo, Switch, Bought, Games, JoyCons
DeeMon avatar

All the stuff I bought yesterday and today (Thursday & Friday).

And the games + FE Warriors.


Almost the same shade of red.


I'm probably going to play FE Warriors first, then Breath of the Wild, then whatever else I feel like next.

Nintendo Switch amiibo

0 October 28, 2017

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Beautiful collection! Enjoy all your games! Where is Overcooked? Why did you not buy Overcooked? Celebrate your purchase with a sushi boat filled with your choice of sushi rolls! Enjoy your games with a bowl of macaroni and cheese!

Reply October 28, 2017

AND your bed is SO tidy!

OT - love the look of Disgaea, curious to hear how you like it when you get around to it. How're you finding the controls on the Switch? Looks awfully small to me. Jelly about the Zelda...

Your amiibo collection has to be pretty nuts now.


Reply October 28, 2017

@syrup I think these Joy-Cons are by far the most comfortable controllers of all time, you can hold them however you like, kind of like the Wii remote + Nunchuk but without a wired restriction. I probably won't need the pro controller, the joycon grip thing is good enough and feels okay. Also heard the gamecube adapter works for the Switch now with the latest update.
I have like 57 amiibo now, and I probably miscounted somewhere.

reply November 1, 2017