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Food, Ginger
Today is the perfect day to enjoy a steamed soy ginger fish! food
Gengar: Man I wish I wasn't allergic....
Helpingly: totally forgot that the ghostie was allergic to fish. Rip @Gengar . But yeah, fish is delicious.
EricBB: I have a feeling that you're chinese?
Chess, Food, Rematch, Game
As soon as I move my bishop, my opponent has to be a baby and offer a draw then ask for a take back. After I decline both, he/she rage quits. The previous game, I lost badly to this person and he/she wanted a rematch and this game was the rematch. Why only play against people you can beat? How will you improve? After the game, I enjoyed a steamed pork and vegetable bun! chess food
Kaneki: lmao i hate people who are just too stubborn to admit defeat
Food, Gyro
Today is the perfect day to enjoy a gyro! food
Helpingly: My resident dining hall ruined Gyros for me.. but then again, they ruined everything for me. :c
FriedClams: @Helpingly I'm sorry to hear that. Cheer yourself up with wonton noodle soup!
Helpingly: @FriedClams I would if they had any of that stuff on campus. Gotta go pretty far if I want some good Wonton Noodle Soup :c
Today is the perfect day to enjoy some pigs in a blanket! food
captain: The less-delicious, less cool cousin of bacon-wrapped smokies.
EricBB: No longer eat hotdogs due to the way they're processed : [. That's heatlh class 101 .. However, I do love Nathan's Famous Hotdogs : [[ !!!!
blazi4ever: These look so good! *o*
Book, Food, Bagel
I finished reading this book! I would not recommend it because 90% of the book is about how wonderful it is to go whaling and 10% plot. I celebrated with an onion bagel with cream cheese! book food
EricBB: i read moby dick too! Poor captain ahab though. it's a good read and teaches about whaling/ psychological process too
Food, Popcorn
Today is the perfect day to enjoy some popcorn shrimp! food
EternalMemory: You meant a Shrimp-Tempuri! Both are breaded but one is processed. I just looked this up right now and it can be bought almost pre-made. (you have to do some frying, just like Fries.)Also, Popeyes have them? Shrimp is a good and healthy food to have. Aside from Seafoods, Fish, and Chicken, these are one of the only meat-source that I can eat. I really do not eat Red-Meat. Thanks for the suggestion. @FriedClams, you really do like food! Being so passionate, I really hope you can turn this to a sustainable-business someday.
FriedClams: Thank you @EternalMemory for the kind words! Celebrate with grilled haddock with lemon and ginger!
Scrabble, Food, Barbecue, Game
We were tied and I got my hopes up that I could win this. There were plenty of places to put the S and the N. However, the woman had only 1 tile left and she made "DA" and ended the game. I was so close. I cheered myself up with chicken tenders with barbecue sauce. scrabble food
Helpingly: What the heck is Da?
Chess, Food, Timer, Game
Normally, when I am losing I just resign because why bother continuing. This time, I decided to just throw the game away and gave white all my remaining pieces. White could not figure out how to checkmate me before the timer ran out. It usually says I win because of time I guess they changed it. I celebrated with cream of mushroom soup! chess food
Scrabble, Food, MOIDORE, AMBERY, Bingo
The woman hit me hard from the start with "HARMINE" getting the bingo bonus. She could not keep it up and even passed a couple of turns. I was able to get back into the game with "QUEYS." My hopes were dashed quickly when she responded with "MOIDORE" with a bingo bonus and "AMBERY." I cheered myself up with chocolate chip cookies! scrabble food
Helpingly: I have no idea what those words even mean.
random87: How is ambery even a word :OSoooo that's something that looks like amber? That's pretty weirdy
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