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Food, Pocky
Today is the perfect day to enjoy some Pocky! food
tabs: what if i want to enjoy some pepero instead? :^(
HawtNoodle: Never had those, always wanted to try them.
blazi4ever: @HawtNoodleYou can find them in most Asian grocery stores, even some regular grocery stores carry em in their international foods section depending on what company runs your local store (typically they only offer chocolate and strawberry).Green tea flavour is love.
Today is the perfect day to enjoy some mozzarella sticks!
blazi4ever: Looks delicious. Unfortunately I must refrain, as I am trying to lose weight aaaaaah! ;w;
joblessjim: Any day is a good day to have mozzarella sticks.
Chros: I could eat these all in 30 secondsThank you for sharing!
Food, Strawberry, Milkshake, Knight, Pawn
I had checkmate in 1. I thought black would push the G pawn and force my knight away. Black could grab my B pawn and I cannot recapture or I would lose my rook. I got lucky and celebrated with a strawberry milkshake! food
Well this was a quick victory. I celebrated with a slice of apple pie! food
benevolentia: Congratulations! Did you have a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with your pie!? 🙃
FriedClams: @benevolentia Apple pie a la mode is delicious!
Today is the perfect day to enjoy cheese fries! food
syrup: mmmm... idk about this. Usually you are pretty spot on. But I have yet to have a REALLY good cheese fries. Poutine otoh is a different matter. But the stuff you get at costco, stadiums, sports games... idk... just saying.
Food, Ginger
Today is the perfect day to enjoy a steamed soy ginger fish! food
Gengar: Man I wish I wasn't allergic....
Helpingly: totally forgot that the ghostie was allergic to fish. Rip @Gengar . But yeah, fish is delicious.
EricBB: I have a feeling that you're chinese?
Chess, Food, Rematch, Game
As soon as I move my bishop, my opponent has to be a baby and offer a draw then ask for a take back. After I decline both, he/she rage quits. The previous game, I lost badly to this person and he/she wanted a rematch and this game was the rematch. Why only play against people you can beat? How will you improve? After the game, I enjoyed a steamed pork and vegetable bun! chess food
Kaneki: lmao i hate people who are just too stubborn to admit defeat
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