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It's been 2 weeks since the game came out so I guess it's okay to share it now. I can't stop watching this video! Um, it's in the game too. The way they dance, it looks like they're having a lot of fun! This is probably the best performance yet! Damn, Kiria is still cool as ever. Listen to the full version somewhere on YouTube! Was it worth buying again? Sure. While it's true that the censorship in this game is unnecessary, it's important to support the artists that gave their voice to this song and everything else. If you haven't bought the Wii U version before, I recommend the Encore version. Some really good tunes, dood. #Games

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Oh look. Another Wii U game that's been ported to the Switch. Gee, I wonder what's different this time?!?? The box art sure is different! But for real, it's not a bad game, it's just something that we fans didn't expect it to be. It's pretty much a Persona game with Fire Emblem characters. The music is great, like Tsubasa, I'm definitely a Kiria fan. The naughty Ms. Maiko tho. I think the disc looks cooler. So this piece of artwork when you open up the case, there's something different about it. Can you guess what it is? Well, I'm glad they chose this artwork because Kiria is best girl, but there's something missing... In other news, Fire Emblem Heroes gets characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Byleth is the 5th Fighters Pass character for

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Are you serious? I have to collect even more junk in this game? Actually never played much of Hyrule Warriors on 3DS because the controls were terrible. So this is the first time really experiencing the whole fairy companion thing, and now I find out that I can dress it up and all this other stuff. Won't be done with this game by 2023, dood. I also bought some One Piece Warriors game on the Switch. What the frick was I thinking? Oh well, more imaginary nexon employees to beat up. #HyruleWarriors #Nintendo

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Can't believe I bought the first Bayonetta game 3 times now. It's up there with Symphony of the Night. As you can see, the different disc art + amiibo. Wii U version has good view, dood. Bayonetta for Nintendo Switch is a digital download only type of thing. And real quick, here's the difference in box art for Bayonetta 2. The US Wii U version was different from the rest, but now it's fixed for the Switch. The red number 2 was just so out of place. People did complain about it. And finally, the disc art/sticker art for Bayonetta 2 + amiibo, and also showing the reversable insert inside. I kinda prefer the disc. One more thing to point out, the disc art is different from the box art for Wii U. Yeah, that was very strange. You have my full su

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The best thing just happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I went to a Nada Surf concert, the second time I've seen them live. The first time I couldn't find anyone willing to go to their concert with me, so a few hours before their concert I decided to just go, jump in the train and see what happens. The Gods and/or the universe must have been smiling at me from above, because that night was one of the best nights of my life. At the concert I ended up meeting a long-time fan who was also left on his own, we spend the night buying beers and singing along. It was so much better than what it would have been with anyone else, since he was such a huge fan we just understood each other, the fan-girling about the littlest details, the "I just love t

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Illustrator: Risa Ebata Pulled this blade earlier today. Oh my Architect, it's too damn adorable, dood. She rides on the bear's shoulder! Also bought a Hori gamepad thing for the Switch, has Turbo thing too. I have problems with one of the Joy-Cons desyncing every 5 seconds. It was very, VERY annoying, dood. Problem solved now. The shape and feel of the controller is very similar to Xbox360's. What the hell, why HDMI switch cost like a 90 dorra? Like a sambodee. I instead bought a 3 ft HDMI cable with a HDMI coupler, only 15 dorra! Now I don't have to struggle so much trying to unplug and plug in different cables behind the TV. I ran out of ports... #XC2 #Nintendo

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