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40th. I know, I lied! The last one wasn't the last 200 screenshot! I so sorry, dood. Heh, the ign is very fitting for this screenshot right here. I took my time with Beast Tamer since I already did the thing with Legion thing. It's an okay class. I think the first Hawk skill is bugged or something. I dunno. Every single one of my characters in Scania is 200 now. Incredible, dood. Anyways, I'm not as active as I used to be. I have to take care of my parents, for now. I have to do almost everything. I guess it's fine, I just do it and get it over with. Freedom has to wait a little longer, dood. #playing #MapleStory

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Kinesis the Hedgehog. 36th. 7904 total levels. I think everyone knows where this ign came from. That's what I thought of when I saw the female Kinesis art. Less than 100 levels to go, dood. Training was kind of bland because all I ever used was Psychic Smash, but it felt oddly satisfying to pick things up and smash 'em to bits. Bossing was different, a lot more stuff going on. Ultimate B.P.M. and Trainwreck, two different DoTs from Psychic Blast and Psychic Assault, Mind Quake which does something else(?), Psychic Drain to keep Psychic Points (PP) up, and of course Kinetic Combo (Final Attack). Ultimate Deep Impact removes boss buffs (like cancel Magic thing) and Mental Shock is a bind skill. I think I remember 1st and 2nd job being really

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Coarse hair. 37th. 7934 total levels. The ign is Captain + Swanna, the Pokemon. I don't know, maybe I was playing a Pokemon game at the time. Guess I was also thinking of F-Zero's Captain Falcon, so I wanted to get some kind of water bird because pirates. I'll keep it short. Corsair was the better of the gun user classes in my opinion. A variety of different summons, 4 from Scurvy Summons/All Aboard/Ahoy Mateys, 4 from Broadside, and 1 from Octo-Cannon. I actually didn't use Broadside or Octo-Cannon that much, the duration was just way too short. Corsair does get a free soaring Broadside mount at level 150, so that's something unique for them. It's possible to keep the Broadside mount after job changing to a different pirate. I know BasilMa

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The True Knight of Light! 31st. 7762 total levels. The Unversed part of the ign came from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, something that I was playing at the time, and Soul is pretty much the name of some of Mihile's skills. Soul Shield, Soul Blade, Soul Devotion, Soul Driver, Soul Link, Soul Asylum, Roiling Soul, and if I'm not mistaken, the little spirit summon used to be called Soul too. Mihile has a damn lot of soul, dood. The range of Radiant Cross was amazing, dood. I could just stay on the middle platform of Forsaken Excavation Site 2 and hit the mobs at the bottom, I made a training video about it. The installed cross that becomes available after adding a point into Radiant Cross - Spread is pretty good for bosses I guess. Radiant Cr

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Ice Lightning Arch Mage was shockingly cool, dood. 27th. 7655 total levels. I was surprised at the teleport range after getting Hyper Teleport Mastery - Range, it's really good and it definitely helped with training. I think those who miss Luminous's teleport range should try an I/L Arch Mage. Chain Lightning might not have the big range of Reflection, but if the mob's hitbox thing is large enough, it can go through multiple platforms. #playing #MapleStory

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This game is perfect. 100/100 I only played for about 2 hours, but I can already tell I'm enjoying this game a lot. The background and environment looks so damn beautiful, this is definitely a work of art. The controls are simple, a variety of attacks with just the control stick and A button, you can make up some crazy-ass combos to kill everything, it's so much fun. Each katana has a unique special attack (B button). The Quick Draw attack is a full screen attack, it's extremely useful for those swarm encounters. Momohime is pretty damn cute, don't know much about Kisuke yet. I wish I had found this game sooner, I be missing out, dood. I don't think I'll ever go back to my Hayato in MapleStory. I definitely recommend Muramasa: The Demon Bla

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Nothing special. 25th. 7611 total levels. I swear I didn't bot, dood! You can even see the video for proof! But I think this screenshot turned out great, dood. And uh, yeah, the same damage skin that my F/P has. I did achieve 100% critical rate, but the green is kind of unavoidable because Blaze Wizard also has DoT. I guess I could've turned off Ignition. I dunno. Sadly, I only got Vth job on 2 characters out of 25... Seriously, why did they make it take at least 22 hours? Also, I finished one of my goals of getting all of the Cygnus Knights to 200, except Mihile, he came years late to the party. #playing #MapleStory

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I wanted to play something pink because Pink Bean and stuff, mostly because nexon won't let me make one. 29th. 7709 total levels. Some of you might know what a Wave Buster is, it's the charge combo for Wave Beam in Metroid Prime. That's what I thought of when coming up with an ign and I think it fits well since youknow, Celestial Roar sort of shoots a wave of sound. That Hall of Maple Warriors chair is what I use to keep track of my total levels. I didn't even know what those numbers meant until I did some googling, dood. That chair description is not very clear, nexon. Pretty useful and it also displays your other top 3 highest characters. On sale now! Save 390 coins, dood! I really liked Trinity, it's so much fun to watch. I think it's be

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Well, I did it again, another level 200 character. The timing of my screenshots are getting worse, dood. To make up for it, a short video of me training down below. Also, if you read my previous MapleStory story(I think that makes sense?), my Marksman was actually my 21st, and then Wind Archer as my 22nd level 200 character. I totally forgot about my Shadower because he's not on my BasilMarket players thing. nexon will never be forgiven for what they've done... Anyways, I left the Wind Archer at level 171 or 173 and it took maybe 2 weeks to get it to 200. There was so much lag, it was unbearable to even train during empty(or dead) hours. But now, it's sort of back to normal. Probably not for the weekends. I also started playing Final Fantas

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Washing Machine. 35th. 7879 total levels. The ign is just Atom + Mechanic. Maybe I wanted Automechanic, but it was taken. I don't know, so embarrassing, dood. I'm also done with all the Resistance classes now. The nerf to Heavy Salvo Plus isn't that bad. It sort of balances itself with the robot summons. Had it not been nerfed, people wouldn't be using the robot summons that often, or at all. Rock 'n Shock does get a lot better once Cooldown Cutter is unlocked (level 183). I'd say it's equivalent to unlocking I/L Arch Mage's Teleport Mastery - Range hyper passive skill boost, because it makes Teleport so much better. Heavy Salvo Plus kind of felt like Wild Hunter's Wild Arrow Blast while mounted on the jaguar, both skills hitting twice at f

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Blaster. 34th. 7850 total levels. The ign is just DarkBlaster in Japanese. Yeah, I have no idea. Perhaps this is what the classic Buccaneer should have been like. If they were able to combo Flash Fist with Double Uppercut and Energy Orb, just like Magnum Punch with Double Blast and Revolving Cannon. Shockwave is similar to Hammer Smash (not really). Mobility skills, Corkscrew Blow and Backspin Blow, similar to Bobbing and Weaving, forward and backward. Visually, the old Energy Charge animation looks very similar to Blast Shield, a bubble. I would say Energy Blast is similar to Revolving Blast, just because they're both a type of blast? I don't know. Shotgun Punch is like a mixture of the punching-ness of Barrage, the speed of Demolition (no

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The forgotten one. 39th. That many total levels. The ign means Silver Fox. Gin = Silver, Kitsune = Fox. I swear this is the last level 200 screenshot, dood! I know y'all sick of them by now. I know reddit is... Not much to say about Shade, it's just there. Simple to play. Finally, no more dealing with kill stealers, botters, hackers, harassment, 2x lag and disconnect events, no more waiting for unscheduled maintenances, no more training, no more anything, I'm done. My goal was just to get 8000 total levels to unlock Legendary Legion (when I do get enough coins). I must have miscalculated, I don't know where the extra 4 levels came from. Anyways, I'm going for Critical Rate and Critical Damage on the Synergy Grid, I don't really care about t

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Kaiser. 33rd. 7820 total levels. Very lame ign, I know. I probably would've named it Volga or something, the guy from Hyrule Warriors, but the game came years later and I made this Kaiser during the Tempest update. Less than 200 levels to go, dood. I don't know what else to say. I guess I kind of regret not leveling it up before they changed Dragon Link command back to its original version. Either way, no one knew it was going to be reverted. Well, I think it did get reverted in another version of the game before we got it. I didn't like it. My only guess is that they changed it because it might've caused bugs whenever there's skill changes being made to the class. I don't know. I think they also removed the Final Form custom color palette

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Another 2x lag event, thanks nexon. 26th. 7626 total levels. Jett was originally going to be the 25th, but nexon screwed up their mastery skills by making them not work for a week. Killing stuff was not consistent, dood. Also, that combo orb(I guess it's called Combo Parade?) almost screwed up my screenshot! It spawned near my character and leveled me up before I could use this ultimate, I think it's called Starfall. Training a Jett wasn't that bad actually, I used Cosmic Upheaval and Backup Beatdown taps. It most likely depends on the map layout. I'm kind of interested about Jett's Vth job skill. Maybe I'll adVance it after we get the update that reduces the wait time between these items you have to hold on to. #playing #MapleStory #Jett

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