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40th. I know, I lied! The last one wasn't the last 200 screenshot! I so sorry, dood. Heh, the ign is very fitting for this screenshot right here. I took my time with Beast Tamer since I already did the thing with Legion thing. It's an okay class. I think the first Hawk skill is bugged or something. I dunno. Every single one of my characters in Scania is 200 now. Incredible, dood. Anyways, I'm not as active as I used to be. I have to take care of my parents, for now. I have to do almost everything. I guess it's fine, I just do it and get it over with. Freedom has to wait a little longer, dood. #playing #MapleStory

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Kinesis the Hedgehog. 36th. 7904 total levels. I think everyone knows where this ign came from. That's what I thought of when I saw the female Kinesis art. Less than 100 levels to go, dood. Training was kind of bland because all I ever used was Psychic Smash, but it felt oddly satisfying to pick things up and smash 'em to bits. Bossing was different, a lot more stuff going on. Ultimate B.P.M. and Trainwreck, two different DoTs from Psychic Blast and Psychic Assault, Mind Quake which does something else(?), Psychic Drain to keep Psychic Points (PP) up, and of course Kinetic Combo (Final Attack). Ultimate Deep Impact removes boss buffs (like cancel Magic thing) and Mental Shock is a bind skill. I think I remember 1st and 2nd job being really

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Tuesday tunes, dood. I didn't know they reused some tunes from Ocarina of Time in Majora's Mask. So I finally finished The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. What the frick was that boss fight? What tf is that? I beat the boss, but I didn't get all the masks to get Fierce Deity Mask yet, so I'm gonna keep playing until I get the damn thing. I have to admit something, I did hack my 3DS so I could use cheats. I used some sort of time stop cheat. Y'all can't say you wouldn't do that either, YOU KNOW how annoying it is to redo everything all over again when using Song of Time. The game actually felt playable with this cheat, dood. In other news, amiibo hunting. But what are these prices? Are you serious? The newer amiibo costs more than the old

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Coarse hair. 37th. 7934 total levels. The ign is Captain + Swanna, the Pokemon. I don't know, maybe I was playing a Pokemon game at the time. Guess I was also thinking of F-Zero's Captain Falcon, so I wanted to get some kind of water bird because pirates. I'll keep it short. Corsair was the better of the gun user classes in my opinion. A variety of different summons, 4 from Scurvy Summons/All Aboard/Ahoy Mateys, 4 from Broadside, and 1 from Octo-Cannon. I actually didn't use Broadside or Octo-Cannon that much, the duration was just way too short. Corsair does get a free soaring Broadside mount at level 150, so that's something unique for them. It's possible to keep the Broadside mount after job changing to a different pirate. I know BasilMa

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So I didn't get to complete Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS because it's just too weird/difficult to control, I got up to level 8-7, the level right before the final boss, but I did go back to the Wii version to see if I missed anything. To my surprise, it was only at 78% and at that moment I remembered why. My old original Wii was at the brink of not being able to read discs anymore, and I think I rushed through the game as fast as I could, that's why I never completed the game back then. I still had to collect all the KONG letters, all the puzzle pieces, complete the Temple levels and complete every level on Time Attack and Mirror Mode. To be honest, I had no idea about Mirror Mode until I read about it sometime in November(thi

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