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Faya and Steel Striker. (My current DND character)
I drew this last year but apparently I never posted this one here... I thought I did though.

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woah, cool. So your DND game takes place in a more futuristic setting? Do you have a story for your character and everything (origin, etc)?

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@captain If I had to guess it takes place in something like the Modern Age (if I had to put in our timeline) because TV's and cars aren't a thing in our game but then again we have airships and stuff so it's really hard to pinpoint it, I actually never really gave it any thought tbh. My character is the Artificer class wich is kinda a weird one because it originally comes from a very "steampunkish" setting, instead of casting spells through magic they kinda do it through inventions and stuff like that. My character is basically a mecha pilot who participates in 1v1 mech battles, kinda like battlebots but bigger.

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@HawtNoodle I had no idea you could get that creative with it! I thought it was literally always dungeons and dragons, ONLY. So you have a DM that manages things and you all just sit back and enjoy the ride?

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