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About Me
I'm a passionate artist who enjoys drawing and stuff. Making art is what I live for.
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Spider Girl (sketch)
6 5
RedEyed: looks good waiting for colored version
Raginroxas: Monstergirls Are bae!
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with pan seared seabass with a cauliflower puree!
Feels bad when you have a nice idea for a drawing all worked out in your head but you can't get it on screen/paper at all.
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Heart Forest (finished)
7 6
HawtNoodle: @captain: I like that idea since children's books allow me to make bigger pictures of the most important part of the story compared to comics where you have to draw everything in a small square. I'd like to continue the story of Yuuna The Adventurer some day.
Rtyu: You are becoming more powerful. What lies in the future!?
Basura: woa GJ that looks like nice videogame concept , gotta love the trees and that heart is like some creepy boss
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Finished Line Art
4 3
HawtNoodle: Think I needed to downscale it a tad more, also I can post comments again woop di doo.
Rtyu: Kill the foul beast!
Helpingly: How lovely and disgusting all at the same time. Really pulls at the heart strings.
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Valentine themed drawing (rough sketch)
5 2
captain: Nice! Fun! looking forward to the coloured in version. :)
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate on February 15 when Valentine's Day chocolate and candy are 50% off!
I've been experiencing some problems on this site as of lately.
FriedClams: The notifications do not work anymore either. Maybe this site is run by Nexon? Cheer yourself up with your choice of potato chips!
Illustration, Making, Art, OverwatchJunkrat
Overwatch Junkrat Fan Skin
3 3
Kaneki: all. those. details.
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with scrambled eggs!
syrup: what @Kaneki said - so much detail.
Lately I've been so addicted to Enter The Gungeon.
1 2
captain: I've wanted to play it for awhile, looks awesome. Is there a lot of depth and replayability to it?
HawtNoodle: @captain: I'd say yes, every floor is randomly generated and so are the chests that give you random guns/items each time, each floor also has 1 boss which is randomly choosen from the 3 main bosses for that floor. there's a LOT of unlockables and 4 main characters and 2 secret characters (after unlock) to choose from each with their own abillities and starting gear and specific ending. I have about 60 hours on the game and I'm only half way done with it.
Overwatch, Typo
Overwatch Comic (finished)
6 1
FriedClams: Nice cartoon! Celebrate with diced chicken with shrimp over your choice of brown or white rice!
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Slime Fangirl (Finished)
7 4
Raginroxas: You color so fast! Im Jealous lol
HawtNoodle: @Raginroxas: I don't really consider it fast myself though, but thanks :P
RedEyed: the slime is adorable
SlimeFangirl, Overlay, Sektch, Drew
Slime Fangirl (lineart and sektch overlay)
3 2
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with banana wontons!
syrup: Really nice as always. Fun to see the overlays! Your colouring is always so much fun, can't wait to see it.
What's up?
2 5
HawtNoodle: @captain: Most of them really, the texts under some just feels like adds to me :T
random87: I feel the same.I'm someone who doesn't really care about games all that much, so I just come here for all the random stories and food recommendations.The newest games don't excite me all that much, but I love the actual "story" stories, people talking about their day/life/music.I guess we'll just have to take back BZL! I'll start by writing daily reviews about plants :D
captain: Thanks for the fb! I thought it might be a good way to start some convo's, but can appreciate that it takes over everybody elses stories. I've put it on the side for now. What do you think? Does it look better? Does it look useful or uninteresting? Or would it be better if it was integrated with the stories but we added a 'hide stories from this user' function so you could hide these easily?
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