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I'm a passionate artist who enjoys drawing and stuff.
NotFeelingLikeM, Drew, Uhhm, Wich NotFeelingLikeM, Drew, Uhhm, Wich
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syrup: I can't related cuz I'm not a drawer type person but I really like this! Cute, fun, well done. Great styling as usual. :) Looking forward to more.
HawtNoodle: Thanks guys :)
Making, Art, Atm, WIP Making, Art, Atm, WIP
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syrup: @hawtnoodle: thanks for taking the time to explain! Is it all a bit second nature to you or do you think it out much in advance?
HawtNoodle: @syrup: I think it's a bit of both, I mostly try to get a clear idea of what I want to draw in my mind before I draw. Drawing clothes just happens on the spot, as for poses I mostly just search for references on the web that look inetersting to me or that fit the characteristics of the character I want to draw or I try to find a reference of the pose I had in mind.
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