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About Me
I'm a passionate artist who enjoys drawing and stuff. Making art is what I live for.
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I just finished my first playthrough of Nier Automata, that game is SO GOOD!
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Raginroxas: Just finished the first route. Now on to the next! The game is fantastic!
Team Fortress 2 T-shirt design: Bonus Ducks (finished)
5 2
FriedClams: Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with a steamed chicken bun!
HawtNoodle: @FriedClams: Making me hungry as always :P
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Team Fortress 2 T-Shirt design: Bonus Ducks
5 2
syrup: oh nice likey
FriedClams: Nice design! Celebrate with foie gras!
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I just finished playing Hollow Knight and let me tell you, this game is freaking amazing. It's a 2D metroidvania/platformer game.
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captain: I love metroidvania's! Thanks for the heads up, this looks unique AND fun. So many games these days are quite similar formula-wise (dragons, swords, blah blah) but this looks like it has a lot of personality. Very intriguing.
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Spider Monster Girl (finished)
9 6
Basura: nice legs girl :)
syrup: thumbsed up 10 times... but only one registered... :/
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with tuna tartar with an avocado cream!
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Spider Girl (sketch)
6 5
RedEyed: looks good waiting for colored version
Raginroxas: Monstergirls Are bae!
FriedClams: Good drawing! Celebrate with pan seared seabass with a cauliflower puree!
Feels bad when you have a nice idea for a drawing all worked out in your head but you can't get it on screen/paper at all.
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Heart Forest (finished)
7 6
HawtNoodle: @captain: I like that idea since children's books allow me to make bigger pictures of the most important part of the story compared to comics where you have to draw everything in a small square. I'd like to continue the story of Yuuna The Adventurer some day.
Rtyu: You are becoming more powerful. What lies in the future!?
Basura: woa GJ that looks like nice videogame concept , gotta love the trees and that heart is like some creepy boss
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Finished Line Art
4 3
HawtNoodle: Think I needed to downscale it a tad more, also I can post comments again woop di doo.
Rtyu: Kill the foul beast!
Helpingly: How lovely and disgusting all at the same time. Really pulls at the heart strings.
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Valentine themed drawing (rough sketch)
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captain: Nice! Fun! looking forward to the coloured in version. :)
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate on February 15 when Valentine's Day chocolate and candy are 50% off!
I've been experiencing some problems on this site as of lately.
FriedClams: The notifications do not work anymore either. Maybe this site is run by Nexon? Cheer yourself up with your choice of potato chips!
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Overwatch Junkrat Fan Skin
3 3
Kaneki: all. those. details.
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with scrambled eggs!
syrup: what @Kaneki said - so much detail.
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