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I'm a passionate artist who enjoys drawing and stuff.
Making, Art, Atm, WIP Making, Art, Atm, WIP
Here is the line art of my MS character. I figured I owe you guys for not uploading the WIP in my previous post.
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syrup: @hawtnoodle: thanks for taking the time to explain! Is it all a bit second nature to you or do you think it out much in advance?
HawtNoodle: @syrup: I think it's a bit of both, I mostly try to get a clear idea of what I want to draw in my mind before I draw. Drawing clothes just happens on the spot, as for poses I mostly just search for references on the web that look inetersting to me or that fit the characteristics of the character I want to draw or I try to find a reference of the pose I had in mind.
Making, Art
Currently working on drawing my current MS character bit by bit because I'm VERY lazy lately, it should be done somewhere this week.
syrup: I was going to give this a thumbs up, but two thumbs down for being too lazy to share the WIP. :3
HawtNoodle: @syrup: I forgot :(
Illustration, Making, Art, TenguGenji, Overwatch Illustration, Making, Art, TenguGenji, Overwatch
Overwatch fan skin: Tengu Genji
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HawtNoodle: Thanks guys
syrup: Noodle at it again! Is this one for #MapleStory or just fun? So much skill here with the shading and the flow of cloth and everything. Tons of detail. Great work. durr... focused on the image so much I didn't read the text - Overwatch, but there are so many MapleStory elements too, hence my confusion. :)
Illustration, Making, Art, Meme Illustration, Making, Art, Meme
A little meme inspired by some cool lads over on Discord.
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HawtNoodle: @syrup: People were posting quite a lot of smug meme faces, and me not having any inspiration decided to draw a smug meme version of one of my OC's.
Raginroxas: Super smug
BonusDucks BonusDucks
Team Fortress 2 T-shirt design: Bonus Ducks (finished)
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FriedClams: Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with a steamed chicken bun!
HawtNoodle: @FriedClams: Making me hungry as always :P
Playing, PC, HollowKnight, Artstyle, Gameplay Playing, PC, HollowKnight, Artstyle, Gameplay
I just finished playing Hollow Knight and let me tell you, this game is freaking amazing. It's a 2D metroidvania/platformer game.
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captain: I love metroidvania's! Thanks for the heads up, this looks unique AND fun. So many games these days are quite similar formula-wise (dragons, swords, blah blah) but this looks like it has a lot of personality. Very intriguing.
Feels bad when you have a nice idea for a drawing all worked out in your head but you can't get it on screen/paper at all.
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