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Project 100 Hound 13 From the Father of Dragon Nest


Nexon's Dragon Nest was one of those games that was actually quite fun and a little different, but didn't get the love it deserved and struggled with traction. Jung Sic Park, who created that game is developing an Action RPG called Project100 that looks pretty damned awesome AND breaks the mould even further.

0 November 7, 2016


@watchgintama: do you mean Dragon Nest or Quest (you said the latter)? I agree, it was fun and I had a very brief stint of enjoying it. But I really came to miss the social aspect (ie MapleStory). Did I just not stick around long enough and there is in fact a social aspect to the game somewhere?

Reply November 8, 2016

Dragon Quest was my first hype MMO before TOS. I played it a lot and enjoyed the PVP. This game looks fun as well but hope it gets a PC version.

Reply November 7, 2016

@RedEyed: ugh... region block. Companies are still doing that?

Reply November 7, 2016

couldnt play it due to region block to ME

Reply November 7, 2016
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