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Thanks for checking on my profile. It means so much to me. Kappa or no kappa.
Maplestory, Outlaw Maplestory, Outlaw
maplestory Ah the poor man's outlaw heart. Wondroid Event made me upgrade my Childhood Friend Android. It's worth enough to do the difficult Jump Quest once. ... more
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privateereck: I got it to 77 atk by 30% traces, each give 7 atk.
captain: What are traces? :) How many did it take you?
Timer, Bucc, Solo
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syrup: What's DOT? Good reward for Chaos Queen or just for fun / achievement?
privateereck: @syrup Damage over time from breath. As the V update changed the status resist meta, you can no longer ignore that. I have yet to see any bucc solo (with a non uber high range) that works around the DoT and breath.
Maplestory, Bucc, ChaosRootAbyss, Trinodes, Cygnus
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captain: you need 5th job to use them? Hard to get? Kind of like Hyper Skills but you have to earn/find them?
privateereck: It's the current grind for them in the new maps only. You get your 1st 5th job one for free when you do prequests. The rest rely on drop rate and are RNG. You can get 10 of them and half can be from other jobs.
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