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Thanks for checking on my profile. It means so much to me. Kappa or no kappa.
Timer, Bucc, Solo
I'm trying to consider my options to solo Chaos Queen as a Bucc. I do have enough range to kill within the timer, BUT I will have to worry about the DOT. I can't tank the breath (yet)
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syrup: What's DOT? Good reward for Chaos Queen or just for fun / achievement?
privateereck: @syrup Damage over time from breath. As the V update changed the status resist meta, you can no longer ignore that. I have yet to see any bucc solo (with a non uber high range) that works around the DoT and breath.
Maplestory Maplestory
Two levels in 1 day. I got a small boost of levels for union on my alternate characters as well. maplestory
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privateereck: @Helpingly I burned out a whole day of 2x just for these 2 levels. My current goal is to surpass not Metal Gear itself, but Dojo. I can reach magnus, but I still need to min max some stats.
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with Vietnamese spring rolls!
I lost motivation to grind a pink bean to lvl 200. At least I got a free level 120 Blaster and level 150 Marksman from this.
benevolentia: I also lost mine :/
Maplestory, Bucc, ChaosRootAbyss, Trinodes, Cygnus
I managed to kill Normal Cygnus solo. Now to practice Hard Magnus and Chaos Root Abyss. Nodes really do help, as I went and got a good chunk of them to level trinodes. maplestory bucc
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captain: you need 5th job to use them? Hard to get? Kind of like Hyper Skills but you have to earn/find them?
privateereck: It's the current grind for them in the new maps only. You get your 1st 5th job one for free when you do prequests. The rest rely on drop rate and are RNG. You can get 10 of them and half can be from other jobs.
Maplestory, ThatBFF Maplestory, That BFF
That BFF event in Maplestory was too good to be true. Rip 163 to 189 in 15 minutes
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SmexiiNinja: Yeah lol It got out of hand. I found out about pretty much right after the Unsc. maint. went down. Reddit/Official forums exploded! I heard some people got all of their link mules in a day. That's just insane!!
privateereck: It was on for almost a whole day. I only manage to get 3 people affected by the godly exp
SharkWave, GMs, Lvl
Shark Wave questline is glitched on me, so rip lvl 5 shark wave. GMs didn't help
FriedClams: Congratulations on getting to level 4! Celebrate with a cheese and cracker platter!
Gengar: They can't even help themselves
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