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Art Illustration Stuffz Lol Hai California Freakin Maple Persona 3rd
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Hoi! I'm a smol human bean who likes making illustrations in my spare time
California, Durarara, Homeroom, Academy, Making California, Durarara, Homeroom, Academy, Making
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syrup: Cool, nice to hear such a positive story. Nothing quite like connecting with others. Hf and enjoy.
Helpingly: Man, everyone I talk to seems to hate their High school days, but I enjoyed mine very much. Glad to see you're having fun too :). Also, welcome to Cali :D
Illustration, Art Illustration, Art
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MizuiChan: LOL! Her Pokecosplaying is incredible ovo
Episode: AM I RETARDED? By : Reinaba "I used to be a fuccin' BAKA just like you! This book proves if you're mentally handicapped or not!" /book is upside downI already knew from the thumbnail it was aho girl but lmao I'm dead af xD
Making, Art Making, Art
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syrup: Is this in the early stages? Looks like you started on the shading on the bottom half but didn't do the rest? I like what you've done though, nice and clean. Good work on the eye.
makiyumi: @syrup -gasp- how did you know :Ojk yeah it looks pretty obvious XDI didn't really know how to make it look any better than it already was so i was thinking maybe.. just maybe I should shade a little more on the hair/ears area but then like... meh i'll just go with this XD
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