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syrup: Is this in the early stages? Looks like you started on the shading on the bottom half but didn't do the rest? I like what you've done though, nice and clean. Good work on the eye.
makiyumi: @syrup -gasp- how did you know :Ojk yeah it looks pretty obvious XDI didn't really know how to make it look any better than it already was so i was thinking maybe.. just maybe I should shade a little more on the hair/ears area but then like... meh i'll just go with this XD
Making, Art, Boop Making, Art, Boop
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captain: cool, going to colour?
makiyumi: @captain Meh, it was a request by some dude who didn't even appreciate it e.eI didn't color it at first because I was busy with school, so i gave him the preview WIP image just to calm him down.I don't know if I even want to continue tbh