Somehow I'm stuck with this game ever since my friend suggested me to play Warframe, but now I like to collect frames now. I only need a few Prime frames set left
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Warframe is a Shooter-game that has some MMO-element, you know, similar to Destiny. Yes, there is grind in this game.
Due to my passion for MMOs, I have tried this. Not my type, so no commitment from me. I will also be skipping Destiny 2 on it's September-Release for the same-reason, not my type.
What I like about this, is it's MMO-part. What I don't like about it, is the lack of Customization, Systems, and Contents a pure-MMO(and even Action-MMOs) can offer as a competition.

Enjoy your game! I am also aware and have red about that Open-World-news from somewhere.

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@EternalMemory hey, you've been very quiet. What are you playing these days?

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@syrup Indeed. That's because I have nothing much to share. Please read my new-post, something little new about me.

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@syrup, fun, but they decided to make an open world soon. not sure if its gonna b good or not, since warframe is a bit OP to roam freely in *Monster Hunter + Far Cry* Open World

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Weird. Haven't heard of or seen this one, I feel so out of touch. What do you like about it?

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