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Hi, you can call me Blazi. You might know me as Harini from MapleStory, though I retired from the game years ago. I do all sorts of art.
PokemonSun, Making
I really need to get into putting in backgrounds for my work, I have a bad habit of making them at the last minute (or unintentionally).
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Kaneki: my boi gladion :'^)
FriedClams: Great drawing! Celebrate with chicken shish kebobs!
blazi4ever: @[email protected]@[email protected] you all! @KanekiYess the edgelord! |D
Making, Art, SakuraGellyroll, SakuraMicrons, PokemonSun
Lillie and Nebby from Pokemon Sun/Moon in watercolours. I finally finished this painting after drawing it months ago and left it sitting in the dust like the usual.
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FriedClams: Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with sesame breadsticks!
blazi4ever: Thanks everyone! (sorry for the late reply, I disappeared for a month again). ;w;
PokemonSun, Guardians, TapuKoko, TheAlola, Scanner
The Alola Island Guardians from Pokemon Sun and Moon in Sakura Gelly Roll pens, drew this up about a month ago.
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HawtNoodle: I like the black background, it really goes well with the flashy colors :)
captain: Interesting style, good to see something fresh like this.
blazi4ever: Thank you all. ^_^
DrewFalkner, PokemonHGSS
Drew Falkner's design in Pokemon HGSS.
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syrup: cool, thanks for sharing.
FriedClams: Nice drawing! Celebrate with a bowl of hot and sour soup!
blazi4ever: @FriedClams @syrupThank you both! :)
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Hello, first time posting here being directed from MrBasil's message. Just thought I'd share one of my silly doodles from Pokemon Sun & Moon I posted on my tumblr not too long ago. It's my whole experience with the Battle Royal in a nutshell. x] making Art
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syrup: Welcome! Nice work. I enjoy this kind of casual style. And I love anything with luchadores :D Moar plox.
blazi4ever: @syrup Thank you! :)