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Hello there! I play in Bera (Revivals) and Reboot (Moochellé). I also play Blade and Soul in Jiwan (Virdo) and Soha (Revivals). I am a digital artist who draws for fun and as a passion even tho it is hell. Interested in commissioning me? DM me [closed]
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syrup: Not I but I'm curious! Maybe @EternalMemory does? You play it? Thoughts?
EternalMemory: @Revivals I think you should stay there! One contributing-reason, is because we lack good and long-term-MMOs, and this is currently what we have as one of the best-option. Nothing will come as Traditional, immersive, and deep as this for the coming-long-time. Bless Online have been completely overhauled and reworked according to official-announcement from official-Korean-Bless-website( http://bless.pmang.com/?intro=done&mKey=1&sKey=5&bserial=101&ano=42174467#board/read/101/N/42174467 ), my assumption is it will take them 2018 the least to get this "rework" done, and with no Publisher yet and not a single Localization-progress have been done in the past, Localization being one of the job of a Publisher, a process that takes more than a year, this game is already doomed in the West, you won't see it at the end of 2018! So you will look at our current-scheduled-Western-release for 2017 (where there are very few to none for the MMO-genre) and 2018 is no different. With the situation not looking good, you still have to make a choice on what we have and will have. BDO is temporary for me, I will move-out once my game comes out. My lack of commitment to BDO is due to the progress that I have and me starting late. We all have different playstyle, but me, I care so much about my progress. So a very good game means nothing to me if I could not back it with my progress. My Gears are Boss-Gear, everything TRI-Enchanted(I have 2 pieces of my Gear in TET), 200+ AP/200+ Awakening-AP on my Sorceress. These Gears, I bought from a quitting-Player via Paypal by not that much, the rest of my Account is really garbage, hence, my dissatisfaction. I don't even have good-Names nor a carefully-planned-Character-Look that I have in other MMOs that I dedicated-to and got engaged as early as the BETA. The feeling really sucks! I could not get my Account to how I want because I started late. So it's a filler-game for me, the feeling is just not as good as what I had in Revelation Online(even though that game is so much worse and lacking than this, my Account that I had in Revelation Online is still so much better, beautiful, planned, and competent than what I have here in BDO). The feeling is not the same if you are gonna start late(years late). Same reason why I could not even try FFXIV. Depends on your playstyle, but yeah, this is my playstyle, I have to convince myself on my standings and standard. If I play casually, it is really hard for me to enjoy, same as having casual-progress. BTW, the MMO that I am planning to move-to, is Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen. It is the next and the soonest upcoming-MMO that will come out from all the list. (excluding the ones that are already in CBT right now) Before we judge the game, yes, it's ugly in Aesthetics. I do agree completely! But what bought me is obviously not because of this, but the game being completely Traditional, a Persistent-MMO(not Session-MMO. "Session" means logging-in Daily to do the assigned-Daily-tasks that the game assign themselves, reaching the Daily-cap, logging-out, and doing the same-thing the next-day. You know, similar to TERA. I don't know about people, but I surely do not want this kind of system.) , a Grind-MMO(this is rare to find today. I am the type of person, probably among the few, who still enjoy Grinding), same Monster-Difficulty as FFXI where you have to Party, game is a time-sink, Controls and Combat is very generic(hence, the game is Stat-based, not Skill-based, meaning people who put more time to the game are the most likely to succeed, same as the old-MMORPGs. A Skill-based-MMO is Action, it defeats the purpose of an MMO.), and the game focuses in Immersion and Social-Interaction. Game will be the same as Everquest, even the Developers of Pantheon were former-Everquest-Developers. So to conclude, their system is what attracted me to Pantheon. Their Aesthetics and Graphics is a little better than Runescape, meaning they're still mediocre lol. That, I will probably learn to put up, the same as Runescape. There is no specific-release-date that is given-out yet, but what is definite is it will come out in 2017 for sure (it states at every source). About Crowfall, it's not gonna be a PVE-grind-game. There is no levelling-system there and you unlock all Class-skill from the start of the game. In terms of PVE, the game is about Farming resources(to carry to your Eternal Kingdom) and upgrading your Weapon. I do not wanna play an Action-game, why I turn to MMO is I want depth. Hence my decision with Pantheon. I will commit in this game once it comes out. No choice, there is no other good MMO. Game is not perfect, but the most suitable (based on my preference) on what we have as options (which is limited and not of best quality and quantity).
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