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Cottontail, MapleStory, Ign, Wip Cottontail, MapleStory, Ign, Wip
uh... a wip of my MapleStory avatar wearing the Cottontail set... Started this during the summer, I'll probably finish by this summer... Also happens to be my profile picture without my ign splashed all over it ;^)
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Lohdy: @munyo No, YOU'RE cute.
FriedClams: Wonderful drawing! Celebrate with a sausage scramble!
Paintschainer Paintschainer
Legs look a bit elongated ;/ But the colour palette Paintschainer used based on my hints are so nice :'D
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FriedClams: Nice sketch! Celebrate with mozzarella cheese!
MorePaintschainer, Lineart, Messy MorePaintschainer, Lineart, Messy
More Paintschainer! Looks a little messy because of my messy lineart and I had to put in a lot of colour guides (which I erased from the original) but the colour palette is gud.. I think
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Kaneki: oo my friend told me about this LOL
FriedClams: Nice sketch! Celebrate with colby jack cheese!
Paintschainer, Lineart Paintschainer, Lineart
Just discovered Paintschainer, an AI program that automatically colours in lineart. Not as great as if you were to colour it in manually, but it's good for sketches I guess.
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FriedClams: Nice sketch! Celebrate with cheddar cheese!
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