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Hibernating through most of life.
MapleStory MapleStory Spirited Nine Tails - Basilmarket
039;ve practically quit this game, nostalgia crept up to me one day and so I decided to draw my character, Liiy, in her spirited nine tailed fox look, in effort to revive whatever memory I have left of this game. It&039;s been a very long time since I drew anything, so please don&039;t mind my shabbiness. Once again, I can&039;t thank everyone enough for helping me get the Spirited Nine Tails cape! Lots of love to cell, the smallest functional unit, but the one with the biggest of hearts. ... more
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Kaneki: the colors are so nice :00 i really like the dress details
Lily: @Kaneki Thank you :) Everyone on here is so nice, now I feel all giddy inside :D