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Howdy fellas! For those of you who don't know me personally my name is Steven. I'm a moderator on Basilmarket and am someone who just genuinely enjoys being helpful. Big fan of anime and electronic music. Look forward to sharing my interests with you guys
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Helpingly: @Gengar: Let's watch it together.
Gengar: @Helpingly:
Harambe, Cherry, Mascot, Sooner, Dorm Harambe, Cherry, Mascot, Sooner, Dorm
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random87: I love the bamboo!Your tank is quite a good example of what I like about aquariums, how everyone gives their tank a personal touch.You went for wood, others go for rocks, and others (like my boss) don't like any of that and just fill their tank with a bunch of plants. I feel like I have finally gathered enough aquarium wisdom and I sort of know what I'm doing, so now I feel comfortable buying some living things.I was originally thinking about getting Cherry shrimp for their colour, but I found an interesting little store that sells/breeds shrimp (and shrimp only) and they've got an amazing selection of very interesting shrimp.I can't decide if I should go for Orange Sakura, Yellow Sakura or Blue Velvet.
Helpingly: @random87: Haha I appreciate your comments. I look forward to seeing your tank once everything is set up.
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