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Maplestory Maplestory
Why yes, I will enjoy the polio...
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Helpingly: I was going to be witty and mention the episode from the Bill Nye special on Netflix, but I have found the strength to keep myself from doing that.
Maplestory Maplestory
"Who is she"
privateereck: what the heck?!?! You dishonor yourself and dishonor the cow
Gengar: @privateereck: You dishonor "free to play" come back when you can handle these hands
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Current Mood: This pic
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FriedClams: Being happy is the perfect reason to get mozzarella sticks!
Helpingly: AYYYYY time to partayyyy! :D
Gaems, Vidya
How do you do fellow gamers? It's time to play some vidya gaems
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benevolentia: @Helpingly have you been playing real-life? I heard that game has bad reviews.
Helpingly: @benevolentia Yeah, bad reviews, but it's just a trap and I can't get out of it.
Latale, Mmo
One 2d mmo doesn't want me to play it, so I guess I'll play another. Time to start up Latale again
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MizuiChan: Don't enjoy your game with you being a bunk!
Gengar: @FriedClams: I [email protected]: http://i.imgur.com/HeqVvP8.gif
FriedClams FriedClams
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MizuiChan: Oh, how the loaves have turned...
FriedClams: I liked this picture. I downloaded and saved it when you first posted it on BasilMarket. Celebrate with potato croquettes!
I am Raph, residental Potato
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MizuiChan: Holy French Fries! Why you gotta be sodium fine? xD
Gengar: @MizuiChan: I can't believe you'd do this to me
Food, Bacon Food, Bacon
Celebrate my icon change with a simple set of bacon and eggs!
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DeeMon: Scrambled, dood. I never got to try sunny side up yet.
FriedClams: Congratulations! I like my eggs hard boiled!
Maplestory Maplestory
I am asked when does the cow suit come off? Here is your answer
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FriedClams: It is nice to have a signature look. Celebrate with crunchy pork rinds with balsamic vinegar and lime!
Raginroxas: Its permanently attached to her skin.
Tacobell, Food
I had the naked chicken chalupa..Lemme tell you buddies...That's some good stuff
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FriedClams: Taco Bell!
Helpingly: That's what I've heard from everybody. Looking forward to getting some myself.
Lookin for y'all to make comments editable (not to be confused with edible, I mean I would love that but it's not possible)
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syrup: I second this
FriedClams: While you wait for this feature, enjoy a bowl of chili!
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