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Current Mood: This pic
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FriedClams: Being happy is the perfect reason to get mozzarella sticks!
Helpingly: AYYYYY time to partayyyy! :D
How do you do fellow gamers? It's time to play some vidya gaems
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Helpingly: I haven't been playing any gaems lately. I need help
benevolentia: @Helpingly have you been playing real-life? I heard that game has bad reviews.
Helpingly: @benevolentia Yeah, bad reviews, but it's just a trap and I can't get out of it.
One 2d mmo doesn't want me to play it, so I guess I'll play another. Time to start up Latale again
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FriedClams: Enjoy your game with lemon cookies!
MizuiChan: Don't enjoy your game with you being a bunk!
Gengar: @FriedClams: I [email protected]: http://i.imgur.com/HeqVvP8.gif
4 2
MizuiChan: Oh, how the loaves have turned...
FriedClams: I liked this picture. I downloaded and saved it when you first posted it on BasilMarket. Celebrate with potato croquettes!
I am Raph, residental Potato
3 7
Gengar: @munyo: (・�-�・;)
MizuiChan: Holy French Fries! Why you gotta be sodium fine? xD
Gengar: @MizuiChan: I can't believe you'd do this to me
Food, Bacon
Celebrate my icon change with a simple set of bacon and eggs!
3 3
Rtyu: Thank you, Geng-chan. Your eggs n bacon are the best! :)
DeeMon: Scrambled, dood. I never got to try sunny side up yet.
FriedClams: Congratulations! I like my eggs hard boiled!
Food, Pancake
Green onion pancake
6 5
Raginroxas: I cant say I've had one before, but it looks tasty!
MizuiChan: That sounds good! Can you still put syrup on it? :O
Gengar: @MizuiChan: It's a savory pancake
I am asked when does the cow suit come off? Here is your answer
4 2
FriedClams: It is nice to have a signature look. Celebrate with crunchy pork rinds with balsamic vinegar and lime!
Raginroxas: Its permanently attached to her skin.
I had the naked chicken chalupa..Lemme tell you buddies...That's some good stuff
2 2
FriedClams: Taco Bell!
Helpingly: That's what I've heard from everybody. Looking forward to getting some myself.
Pokemon, Junk, Perf, Ivs
Of all the things to get multiple perf ivs it had to be the junk bird pokemon
Gengar: @FriedClams : what if I cook the pidgey
Helpingly: @Gengar: Oh I see, was unaware that it was transferred from that game. Feels bad then :c
FriedClams: @Gengar If you cook it, enjoy!
Cubes, Omw
omw to steal yo cubes
1 4
FriedClams: Good luck! If you succeed, celebrate with a milk chocolate bar. If you fail, cheer yourself up with a dark chocolate bar.
HawtNoodle: Swiggity Swuups, coming for dem cubes.
Raginroxas: You can have them If you give me cookies.
Lookin for y'all to make comments editable (not to be confused with edible, I mean I would love that but it's not possible)
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Gengar: @privateereck : this is why you give me a headache, THIS IS WHY
syrup: I second this
FriedClams: While you wait for this feature, enjoy a bowl of chili!
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