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Welcome to the Official YouTube channel for Bethesda Softworks. Watch our channel for all things Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein and more!ESRB RATING: RATING PENDING to MATURE. May Contain content inappropriate for childre
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BethesdaSoftworks, ZeniMaxMediaInc, QuakeChampions
Step into the Burial Chamber and face judgement in the latest Quake Champions trailer. From the wicked lava pools threatening to overtake the Arena, to the treacherous open spaces, nowhere is safe in the second Arena in our profile series. Skill is required to traverse this Arena, lest you find yourself tumbling to a molten death. Get your first look at Burial Chamber in this new video.
Quake Champions – Burial Chamber Arena Trailer - Youtube
BethesdaSoftworks, ZeniMaxMediaInc, QuakeChampions
Having conquered countless worlds outside of the Arena, Scalebearer is a relentless Champion determined to lead you to victory. The galactic warlord's active ability, Bull Rush, will let him charge head on against foes in Quake Champions. Take a look at the heavyweight in action in our latest Champion spotlight trailer. We've got more Champion and Arena videos on the way in the coming weeks so stay tuned.
Quake Champions – Scalebearer Champion Trailer - Youtube
BethesdaSoftworks, QuakeChampions, VideoGame
Warriors from all over the waking world have been trapped in the Dreamlands, where they must battle it out for eternity in Quake Champions. Facing off in ancient Arenas with no hope of escape, the Champions are forever locked in an epic kill-or-be-killed struggle. Today we're releasing the first in a series of new videos showcasing one such Arena. Be sure to keep an eye out for more Champion and Arena videos in the coming months.
Quake Champions – Blood Covenant Arena Trailer - Youtube
BethesdaSoftworks, QuakeChampions
Whether you want to play as an aggressive tank or a nimble damage-dealer, you'll find your match in the Quake Champions character roster. If sly and stealthy is more your thing, you might find yourself gravitating toward Nyx, whose active ability lets her sidestep danger and plan a careful attack.
Quake Champions: Nyx Champion Trailer - Youtube
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