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Beat Dragon Quest 1 for the first time. It's the physical trilogy on Nintendo Switch. Moving onto 2 and 3 soon

April 28, 2021

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I am a broken record cuz I'm always saying "oh the memories" but the original of this REALLY brings back some memories. I am not one for nostalgia when it comes to graphics tho - these graphics look so much better. Is the music still intact though? I am sentimental about that.

Let us know how you like 2 and 3! I think I kind of lost touch after 2.

Reply April 29, 2021

@captain The soundtrack is remastered but it's the same tune. I'm playing 2 right now and immediately I noticed the encounter rate is way higher. Also there are multiple enemies now and party members. I'm liking it though.

reply May 3, 2021

@WatchGintama are you planning to work your way up through the entire series?

reply May 4, 2021

@captain I'd like to but I'm hoping for a collection port to switch (4 to 9). I am definitely getting DQ12 though.

reply May 4, 2021 (Edit: 2021-5-5)