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So I dusted off my Wii U and went back to Xenoblade X to try and complete the survey rate of Planet Mira, and I did. Spoiler alert because it's highly possible that Monolith Soft will bring Xenoblade X to the Switch as a Definitive Edition with improvements. More on this subject later. Coming back to Xenoblade X after playing Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade 1: Definitive Edition, there were a lot of problems with X. First of all, the mini map can't be expanded, and this sucks because this makes it difficult to find normal missions that are available in the world to accept. And no, normal missions can't be seen on the full map that's displayed on the Wii U gamepad, as far as I know. Some missions are also time sensitive, meaning the NPC that has a

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Xenoblade is just as epic as I remembered. Actually, more epic than I remembered because I only played through the Wii version once and forgot about a lot of the stuff that happened. Definitive Edition has an Event Theatre, at least that's how they spelled it on the title screen. Uhh, I turned off Casual mode before the final boss. Xenoblade was more impressive as a Wii game back then. Now, not so much. There's a lot of other big open world games now a days. GTA V, Skyrim, I guess MGS V The Phantom Pain, and even Breath of the Wild. After exploring the world of the Bionis and Mechonis, it really doesn't seem that big after all. There are some similarities that happens during the story comparing to Xenoblade 2. Spoiler warning. Two ladies in

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Run, my friend. Run through this endless night. And sing out the song of your life. Finally 100%'d this game. Had to go through a 3rd playthrough because I missed ONE THING during 2nd playthrough. The suffering! And now for a compilation of romantic scenes from in the game. Spoiler alert? Frig it, ain't nobody going to play this game. Probably NSFW? I don't know. Not only that, but they all get naked when Aluche reaches max affinity for all the ladies. How dare you cheat on Lilysse! How old is she? Well, she's waiting for you, ladies. Out of everyone's character design, I liked Ruenheid's the most. After getting max affinity with Arnice, it is implied that there's going to be a Nights of Azure 3. When? I don't know. Yes