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So I dusted off my Wii U and went back to Xenoblade X to try and complete the survey rate of Planet Mira, and I did. Spoiler alert because it's highly possible that Monolith Soft will bring Xenoblade X to the Switch as a Definitive Edition with improvements. More on this subject later. Coming back to Xenoblade X after playing Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade 1: Definitive Edition, there were a lot of problems with X. First of all, the mini map can't be expanded, and this sucks because this makes it difficult to find normal missions that are available in the world to accept. And no, normal missions can't be seen on the full map that's displayed on the Wii U gamepad, as far as I know. Some missions are also time sensitive, meaning the NPC that has a

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as you pointed time is no issue with me but overworld hardly gives 300 exp per mob from 20~60 so grinding on these mobs are usually for crafters to get their skins or other drops this dungeon i said i was grinding is actually for exp as it is the sole dungeon currently that is done within 20 mins and grants alot of exp been doing it for the past few weeks to level up classes and by no life i meant that i sat down as one of the crafters and discipline of land gathered and sold to gather up gil so i can get good equipment for the other jobs