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Hi all! Hope you've had a great summer so far? Thought I'd share an update on the alpha launch of the new Forum functionality! BZL's forums are split into 4 topics, which are identical to our site topics; Games, Art, TV, Music. Up to this point, BZL has been *solely* about stories, which are basically like blogs - little snippets of news, screenshots or videos. Forums are a way to ask questions or bring up discussions in a more casual way. It's also a format that's more conducive to chat as the thread gets bumped when there are replies. Each forum has a list of sub-forums. Many of us are current / former Maplers so there is a MapleStory forum. But there are also forums for other games as well as consoles (DS, Switch, PS4, etc). You'll note

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Coarse hair. 37th. 7934 total levels. The ign is Captain + Swanna, the Pokemon. I don't know, maybe I was playing a Pokemon game at the time. Guess I was also thinking of F-Zero's Captain Falcon, so I wanted to get some kind of water bird because pirates. I'll keep it short. Corsair was the better of the gun user classes in my opinion. A variety of different summons, 4 from Scurvy Summons/All Aboard/Ahoy Mateys, 4 from Broadside, and 1 from Octo-Cannon. I actually didn't use Broadside or Octo-Cannon that much, the duration was just way too short. Corsair does get a free soaring Broadside mount at level 150, so that's something unique for them. It's possible to keep the Broadside mount after job changing to a different pirate. I know BasilMa

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The True Knight of Light! 31st. 7762 total levels. The Unversed part of the ign came from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, something that I was playing at the time, and Soul is pretty much the name of some of Mihile's skills. Soul Shield, Soul Blade, Soul Devotion, Soul Driver, Soul Link, Soul Asylum, Roiling Soul, and if I'm not mistaken, the little spirit summon used to be called Soul too. Mihile has a damn lot of soul, dood. The range of Radiant Cross was amazing, dood. I could just stay on the middle platform of Forsaken Excavation Site 2 and hit the mobs at the bottom, I made a training video about it. The installed cross that becomes available after adding a point into Radiant Cross - Spread is pretty good for bosses I guess. Radiant Cr

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Well, I did it again, another level 200 character. The timing of my screenshots are getting worse, dood. To make up for it, a short video of me training down below. Also, if you read my previous MapleStory story(I think that makes sense?), my Marksman was actually my 21st, and then Wind Archer as my 22nd level 200 character. I totally forgot about my Shadower because he's not on my BasilMarket players thing. nexon will never be forgiven for what they've done... Anyways, I left the Wind Archer at level 171 or 173 and it took maybe 2 weeks to get it to 200. There was so much lag, it was unbearable to even train during empty(or dead) hours. But now, it's sort of back to normal. Probably not for the weekends. I also started playing Final Fantas

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I finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I know it doesn't say clear data or anything, but here you can see all the heart upgrades and 50/50 miiverse stamps. In my playthrough(I'm gonna sound like ThatOneVideoGamer, dood) I collected all 60 Poe Souls, all 24 Golden Bugs, all 50 miiverse stamps(as you can see), learnt all 7 Hidden Skills, completed the Cave of Ordeals and the exclusive Cave of Shadows(if you read my previous post, I said I was going try this again tomorrow and, well, it technically is tomorrow over here at the time of this post). I'll make a second post with more screenshots. Going from the Wii version of this game, which is the mirrored version of the GameCube and Wii U, it didn't feel all that different. I do