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40th. I know, I lied! The last one wasn't the last 200 screenshot! I so sorry, dood. Heh, the ign is very fitting for this screenshot right here. I took my time with Beast Tamer since I already did the thing with Legion thing. It's an okay class. I think the first Hawk skill is bugged or something. I dunno. Every single one of my characters in Scania is 200 now. Incredible, dood. Anyways, I'm not as active as I used to be. I have to take care of my parents, for now. I have to do almost everything. I guess it's fine, I just do it and get it over with. Freedom has to wait a little longer, dood. #playing #MapleStory

MapleStory games, , 24th, Bayonetta, Dood, Ehh, Ign


I'm Batman, dood. 24th. My ign is suppose to mean Dark Spear or something, I don't know, was probably playing Bayonetta at the time. I guess I should also mention the total level of all my characters in Scania on this one account, 7569 levels. It's going to matter with the character card revamp thing. I'm going to try to aim for 8000 levels. I also made a recording of me training, but I'm not going to link it since it's kind of long and boring to watch. Ehh. #playing #MapleStory