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So I dusted off my Wii U and went back to Xenoblade X to try and complete the survey rate of Planet Mira, and I did. Spoiler alert because it's highly possible that Monolith Soft will bring Xenoblade X to the Switch as a Definitive Edition with improvements. More on this subject later. Coming back to Xenoblade X after playing Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade 1: Definitive Edition, there were a lot of problems with X. First of all, the mini map can't be expanded, and this sucks because this makes it difficult to find normal missions that are available in the world to accept. And no, normal missions can't be seen on the full map that's displayed on the Wii U gamepad, as far as I know. Some missions are also time sensitive, meaning the NPC that has a

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Damn, that beat tho. Spoilers still? I don't know. New favorite tune. So, I finished the game and, I'm not really sure how to feel about it. It feels like it wasn't worth the wait. Like, what the frick was all that? Why is this happening? Who are these people? Where did he go this time!? Some of the rescues were kind of strange, I really thought it would be more epic, but no. It all feels like closure. I tried to make a Blue Falcon in the Gummi editor thing. It's very basic and I went off memory. Yeah, it looks really strange and off. Let's just say I had way more fun than I thought I would after making it. Friggin' destroyed everything! #Games

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Why I keep buying the same game twice, even three times? I has problems-- I mean, Nintendo has problems, dood! Why can't I just jam the 3DS cartridge in the Switch and play the game in HD? Have you seen Pokemon Sun/Moon in 4K? Well, it looks decent I guess. Anyway, the title screen for Hyrule Warrriors: DE is much improved from the Wii U version. Everything has more color and brightness to it. Can't wait to see Cia again, dood. Too sexy for box art!? Time to waste another 3 years on this game. Kind of weird, but a DS/3DS cartridge fits perfectly in the space right beside the Nintendo Switch cartridge holder thing. Try it! Could it be a coincidence? Don't know. Remember how the Wii U and 3DS box spines had these little pictures on them? Now

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Hey all! How're you doing? Long time no chat. Been super busy and sadly haven't had much time to comment, but it's been great seeing all the art and game pics. I just wanted to share an update on that BZL redesign I mentioned awhile back. In the end, I went with a more simplified design, and am going to be focusing on making it more mobile friendly. Please disregard the domain, it's just a test site I use for development. Depending on feedback I would like to roll this out to BZL soon and MapleStory2 too. On the GMS2 note - how many of you are going to be testing? I haven't gotten accepted yet! :3 Be well, speak soon.

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Might buy a motorcycle tomorrow :O I don't have my licence just yet, but I think I might have found the perfect bike and I just can't wait. Since I'm close to 2 meters tall (about 6,5) I'd like a bike made for someone my size, so the one I'm going to see tomorrow is a Honda Transalp XL650V. I really hope the bike is everything it seems to be, since it'll be close to a 2 hour drive. (x2) I'm taking my brother with me to test-drive it, so at least I've got company. Making decisions isn't really my strong side, and I get really anxious with things like this :( I'll probably just buy the bike, since I keep myself awake worrying about buying the wrong bike, I'd rather just get it over with. My experience is that I worry more about all the possib

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