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Illustration from Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. There is a Koholint Island adventure map in Adventure mode thing. It's pretty short, just like Link's Awakening for the GameBoy. Marin lookin' good, dood. Why is Lana there though? She kind of ruined the art. The box art insert art thing is the same as the Announcement Trailer's thumbnail on YouTube. Rant time. So I usually buy all the new games at EB Games (Canada's GameStop). I saw a Squirtle and Ivysaur amiibo, did not see Toy Link(that's what some people are calling Link's Awakening version of Link) or Snake amiibo, because I guess I was too late. I asked if I could buy both Squirtle and Ivysaur. Nope. Only one amiibo per customer. Wtf? Why? Because you guys only ordered 1 of each a

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Tuesday tunes, dood. Nights of Azure title theme. This just in, Blue Toad is not dead! Nintendo just hid him behind some secret bullbull. Okay, but why can't we just press up to change colors like in Killer Instinct? So after Fire Emblem Warriors, I went back to Hyrule Warriors DE... Now I remembered why I stopped playing Hyrule Warriors DE, it's because I kept failing missions and get constant game overs which makes me rage quit every time. I think the big difference is that Fire Emblem Warriors has actual voice acting, the characters tell you what you have to do instead of reading text like in Hyrule Warriors. #Games

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Are you serious? I have to collect even more junk in this game? Actually never played much of Hyrule Warriors on 3DS because the controls were terrible. So this is the first time really experiencing the whole fairy companion thing, and now I find out that I can dress it up and all this other stuff. Won't be done with this game by 2023, dood. I also bought some One Piece Warriors game on the Switch. What the frick was I thinking? Oh well, more imaginary nexon employees to beat up. #HyruleWarriors #Nintendo

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Why I keep buying the same game twice, even three times? I has problems-- I mean, Nintendo has problems, dood! Why can't I just jam the 3DS cartridge in the Switch and play the game in HD? Have you seen Pokemon Sun/Moon in 4K? Well, it looks decent I guess. Anyway, the title screen for Hyrule Warrriors: DE is much improved from the Wii U version. Everything has more color and brightness to it. Can't wait to see Cia again, dood. Too sexy for box art!? Time to waste another 3 years on this game. Kind of weird, but a DS/3DS cartridge fits perfectly in the space right beside the Nintendo Switch cartridge holder thing. Try it! Could it be a coincidence? Don't know. Remember how the Wii U and 3DS box spines had these little pictures on them? Now

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Snow and ice and stuff. Don't know, this place looks pretty at night. And, you know, since it's winter... I'm about 400 hours into this game. At first, it was very confusing as frick, but after a month or so, I kind of got the hang of it. So many weird stuff like aux cores, core chips, pouch setup, blade arts, driver combo finishers, affinity charts, core crystals, boosters, blade combos, merc missions, chain attack element burst thing, like what the frick is all this? While Xenoblade Chronicles 2 solves some of the problems I had with Breath of the Wild (like stamina while climbing, no music, breakable weapons, empty fields/no enemies), it still has problems of its own. Field skills. Why they do this? Do you know how annoying it is having

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Aw hell yeah, the hotties are finally here, dood. And uhh, Corrin too. I wasn't able to find the Player 2 version of these characters yet. This was the first time buying amiibo again this year, so the collection barely progressed. A list of amiibo that I'm still hunting for: Donkey Kong, Kirby, Toad, Wario, Rosalina & Luma, Olimar, Villager, Charizard, Shulk, Alm and Celica, every Breath of the Wild amiibo, and whatever else they're making for Fire Emblem Warriors (still don't have a Switch yet, but soon). There is one amiibo that I wish were real, Cia from Hyrule Warriors. I'd definitely sleep with her. It's totally not weird, dood. *cough*I'vebeenwatchingfinegamegirlsrecently*cough* #amiibo

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The forgotten one. 39th. That many total levels. The ign means Silver Fox. Gin = Silver, Kitsune = Fox. I swear this is the last level 200 screenshot, dood! I know y'all sick of them by now. I know reddit is... Not much to say about Shade, it's just there. Simple to play. Finally, no more dealing with kill stealers, botters, hackers, harassment, 2x lag and disconnect events, no more waiting for unscheduled maintenances, no more training, no more anything, I'm done. My goal was just to get 8000 total levels to unlock Legendary Legion (when I do get enough coins). I must have miscalculated, I don't know where the extra 4 levels came from. Anyways, I'm going for Critical Rate and Critical Damage on the Synergy Grid, I don't really care about t

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Kaiser. 33rd. 7820 total levels. Very lame ign, I know. I probably would've named it Volga or something, the guy from Hyrule Warriors, but the game came years later and I made this Kaiser during the Tempest update. Less than 200 levels to go, dood. I don't know what else to say. I guess I kind of regret not leveling it up before they changed Dragon Link command back to its original version. Either way, no one knew it was going to be reverted. Well, I think it did get reverted in another version of the game before we got it. I didn't like it. My only guess is that they changed it because it might've caused bugs whenever there's skill changes being made to the class. I don't know. I think they also removed the Final Form custom color palette

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I finally got all the medals in Hyrule Warriors, dood. And uhh, the GamePad that I've been using all these years. This design came with The Wind Waker HD bundle. Rest in pieces... According to my miiverse activity feed, I did this on March 21, 2017 at 11:38 PM Eastern, I was just too lazy to take a pic of the GamePad at the time. You have no idea how torturous Cucco's Fury is, hours and hours of pressing the same button over and over again... Survival Battle Lv. 4 took me 41 minutes! All that's left for me to do in this game is level everyone up to 255, and maybe get a 450 attack weapon for them. In other news, I'm also done with all three campaigns for Fire Emblem Fates, so I'm almost ready for Echoes, just need to meet all the children an

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I give up on Hyrule Warriors Legends. I went through the whole Legend Mode with Linkle's Tale and the Wind Waker scenario(because the Wii U version doesn't have this) and only finished the normal Adventure map. I think it was a bit easier than the Wii U version, plus it has so much more stuff. But after I finished the normal Adventure map, another map was unlocked, Great Sea. Didn't even finish the other maps on the Wii U version yet, and the 3DS version has 4 more. Hell no, this game is endless! I really don't feel like doing everything all over again when I already spent so much time on the Wii U version, things like getting all the badges, medals, skulltulas, illustrations, heart containers, costumes, weapons and A ranks. And there's sti

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