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Tuesday tunes, dood. I didn't know they reused some tunes from Ocarina of Time in Majora's Mask. So I finally finished The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. What the frick was that boss fight? What tf is that? I beat the boss, but I didn't get all the masks to get Fierce Deity Mask yet, so I'm gonna keep playing until I get the damn thing. I have to admit something, I did hack my 3DS so I could use cheats. I used some sort of time stop cheat. Y'all can't say you wouldn't do that either, YOU KNOW how annoying it is to redo everything all over again when using Song of Time. The game actually felt playable with this cheat, dood. In other news, amiibo hunting. But what are these prices? Are you serious? The newer amiibo costs more than the old

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Destiny 2 has launched! I played for about an hour last night at midnight release and it was amazing. The first introductory story mission felt robust and full of action, a far cry from the story-lacking first iteration of Destiny. Before the game began though they played some slides of my Destiny 1 memories and it was honestly heartwarming to go back down memory lane. On September 24th 2014, we began our Destiny journey. 3 years later and we are ready for the next.

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I just finished season 1 of #Atypical on #Netflix #TV. It's a complete 180 from Ozark which I watched just prior to that, and which I've just giddily learned has been renewed for a second season!! The 8 part series centers around a highly-functioning autistic teen and his family through the various complexities of being a family brings, with the twists that the main character's personality brings. To learn about the wide spectrum of autism and its inherent quirks was educational and interesting. Yet, sometimes the show felt almost like a sitcom. There was a regular back-and-forth between an exploration of the seriousness of the issue and more pedestrian entertaining which seemed like a cheap tactic to keep a hold on viewers. Nontheless, it'

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Super Saiyan. 38th. Uhh, there's a Legion ranking now, so I guess I don't have to type total levels here anymore. For some reason, it uses my Demon Avenger instead of Hayato, not sure how to change that. Oh well. I was expecting to be rank 300 or something since I'm still a really big noob, but rank 5 in Scamia at the time of typing this. The ign is Dragon Ball Z related, Dragon + Brawler. This is the last of my Adventurer characters and the 4th and final Ultimate Adventurer that I created so long ago. The other three were Paladin, F/P Arch Mage and Marksman. The only Adventurer I don't have is Bishop, and that depends if nexon will friggin' expand the maximum character slots for frick sakes. It took a day to get used to Buccaneer's slow at

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Kinesis the Hedgehog. 36th. 7904 total levels. I think everyone knows where this ign came from. That's what I thought of when I saw the female Kinesis art. Less than 100 levels to go, dood. Training was kind of bland because all I ever used was Psychic Smash, but it felt oddly satisfying to pick things up and smash 'em to bits. Bossing was different, a lot more stuff going on. Ultimate B.P.M. and Trainwreck, two different DoTs from Psychic Blast and Psychic Assault, Mind Quake which does something else(?), Psychic Drain to keep Psychic Points (PP) up, and of course Kinetic Combo (Final Attack). Ultimate Deep Impact removes boss buffs (like cancel Magic thing) and Mental Shock is a bind skill. I think I remember 1st and 2nd job being really

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Washing Machine. 35th. 7879 total levels. The ign is just Atom + Mechanic. Maybe I wanted Automechanic, but it was taken. I don't know, so embarrassing, dood. I'm also done with all the Resistance classes now. The nerf to Heavy Salvo Plus isn't that bad. It sort of balances itself with the robot summons. Had it not been nerfed, people wouldn't be using the robot summons that often, or at all. Rock 'n Shock does get a lot better once Cooldown Cutter is unlocked (level 183). I'd say it's equivalent to unlocking I/L Arch Mage's Teleport Mastery - Range hyper passive skill boost, because it makes Teleport so much better. Heavy Salvo Plus kind of felt like Wild Hunter's Wild Arrow Blast while mounted on the jaguar, both skills hitting twice at f

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Kaiser. 33rd. 7820 total levels. Very lame ign, I know. I probably would've named it Volga or something, the guy from Hyrule Warriors, but the game came years later and I made this Kaiser during the Tempest update. Less than 200 levels to go, dood. I don't know what else to say. I guess I kind of regret not leveling it up before they changed Dragon Link command back to its original version. Either way, no one knew it was going to be reverted. Well, I think it did get reverted in another version of the game before we got it. I didn't like it. My only guess is that they changed it because it might've caused bugs whenever there's skill changes being made to the class. I don't know. I think they also removed the Final Form custom color palette

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#listening This album was pretty disappointing for me. Too many songs just didn't hit me in the right way. Saturnz Barz wasn't that strong of a single. Momentz was kind of all over the place. The features on Submission didn't really do anything for me. Charger was just boring. Overall, the album felt like a Gorillaz mixtape with sprinkles of Albarn; Albarn definitely could have cut down on the features. The deluxe exclusive tracks are fantastic though. If the album cut the prior mentioned tracks and made the deluxe exclusive tracks the standard, it would have been a stronger album. But such is life. Let me know what you thought about the album!

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I finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I know it doesn't say clear data or anything, but here you can see all the heart upgrades and 50/50 miiverse stamps. In my playthrough(I'm gonna sound like ThatOneVideoGamer, dood) I collected all 60 Poe Souls, all 24 Golden Bugs, all 50 miiverse stamps(as you can see), learnt all 7 Hidden Skills, completed the Cave of Ordeals and the exclusive Cave of Shadows(if you read my previous post, I said I was going try this again tomorrow and, well, it technically is tomorrow over here at the time of this post). I'll make a second post with more screenshots. Going from the Wii version of this game, which is the mirrored version of the GameCube and Wii U, it didn't feel all that different. I do