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Oh look. Another Wii U game that's been ported to the Switch. Gee, I wonder what's different this time?!?? The box art sure is different! But for real, it's not a bad game, it's just something that we fans didn't expect it to be. It's pretty much a Persona game with Fire Emblem characters. The music is great, like Tsubasa, I'm definitely a Kiria fan. The naughty Ms. Maiko tho. I think the disc looks cooler. So this piece of artwork when you open up the case, there's something different about it. Can you guess what it is? Well, I'm glad they chose this artwork because Kiria is best girl, but there's something missing... In other news, Fire Emblem Heroes gets characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Byleth is the 5th Fighters Pass character for

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Epic boss tune, dood. Don't remember if already shared. Still good tho. So I finally 100%'d Ys VIII for real this time. Last time I missed a village quest because Sir Fatlan tried to escape the island on a small boat. This time I made sure to finish quests as soon as they're posted on the board thing. I'm also reminded about how tragic it was for Dana... I actually did this like last month or something. I kinda forgotten about this site. Is anyone even here anymore? No? Okay. In other news, next year seems like a good year for JRPG fans, although, I'm not entirely sure what JRPGs are really suppose to be. Kingdom Hearts III DLC, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, Tales of Arise I guess, and of course, the te